Size distributions for memory functions under specific workloads

This folder contains a set of files that are included from libc/benchmarks/MemorySizeDistributions.cpp.

Offloading this data to individual files helps

  • C++ editors (large arrays are usually not well handled by editors),
  • and allows processing data by other tools to perform analysis or graph rendering.


Most filenames are of the form {MemoryFunctionName}{WorkloadID}.csv. They contain a single line of comma separated real values representing the probability that a particular size occurs. e.g.

  • "0,1" indicates that only the size 1 occurs,
  • "0.5,0.5" indicates sizes 0 and 1 occur with the same frequency.

These files usually contains sizes from 0 to 4096 inclusive. To save on space trailing zeros are discarded.


As identified in the automemcpy paper:

  • GoogleA <-> service 4
  • GoogleB <-> database 1
  • GoogleD <-> storage
  • GoogleL <-> logging
  • GoogleM <-> service 2
  • GoogleQ <-> database 2
  • GoogleS <-> database 3
  • GoogleU <-> service 3
  • GoogleW <-> service 1

Uniform384To4096 is an additional synthetic workload that simply returns a uniform repartition of the sizes from 384 to 4096 inclusive.


Except for GoogleD, all distributions are gathered over one week worth of data.