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libc++ Format Status
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This document contains the status of the C++20 Format library in libc++. It is used to
track both the status of the sub-projects of the Format library and who is assigned to
these sub-projects. This is imperative to effective implementation so that work is not
duplicated and implementors are not blocked by each other.
If you are interested in contributing to the libc++ Format library, please send
a message to the #libcxx channel in the LLVM discord. Please *do not* start
working on any of the assigned items below.
Sub-Projects in the Format library
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:file: FormatPaper.csv
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Misc. Items and TODOs
(Please mark all Format-related TODO comments with the string ``TODO FMT``, so we
can find them easily.)
Paper and Issue Status
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:file: FormatIssues.csv
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