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libc++ C++20 Status
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In July 2017, the C++ standard committee created a draft for the next version of the C++ standard, initially known as "C++2a".
In September 2020, the C++ standard committee approved this draft, and sent it to ISO for approval as C++20.
This page shows the status of libc++; the status of clang's support of the language features is `here <>`__.
.. attention:: Features in unreleased drafts of the standard are subject to change.
The groups that have contributed papers:
- CWG - Core Language Working group
- LWG - Library working group
- SG1 - Study group #1 (Concurrency working group)
.. note:: "Nothing to do" means that no library changes were needed to implement this change.
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Paper Status
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:file: Cxx20Papers.csv
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.. note::
.. [#note-P0600] P0600: The missing bits in P0600 are in |sect|\ [mem.res.class] and |sect|\ [mem.poly.allocator.class].
.. [#note-P0966] P0966: It was previously erroneously marked as complete in version 8.0. See `bug 45368 <>`__.
.. [#note-P0619] P0619: Only sections D.8, D.9, D.10 and D.13 are implemented. Sections D.4, D.7, D.11, D.12, and D.14 remain undone.
.. [#note-P0883] P0883: shared_ptr and floating-point changes weren't applied as they themselves aren't implemented yet.
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Library Working Group Issues Status
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:file: Cxx20Issues.csv
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