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//===-- - Hexagon Register defs -----*- tablegen -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// Declarations that describe the Hexagon register file.
let Namespace = "Hexagon" in {
class HexagonReg<bits<5> num, string n, list<string> alt = [],
list<Register> alias = []> : Register<n, alt> {
let Aliases = alias;
let HWEncoding{4-0} = num;
// These registers are used to preserve a distinction between
// vector register pairs of differing order.
class HexagonFakeReg<string n> : Register<n> {
let isArtificial = 1;
class HexagonDoubleReg<bits<5> num, string n, list<Register> subregs,
list<string> alt = []> :
RegisterWithSubRegs<n, subregs> {
let AltNames = alt;
let HWEncoding{4-0} = num;
class HexagonSys<bits<7> num, string n, list<string> alt = [],
list<Register> alias = []> : Register<n, alt> {
let Aliases = alias;
let HWEncoding{6-0} = num;
class HexagonDoubleSys<bits<7> num, string n, list<Register> subregs,
list<string> alt = []> :
RegisterWithSubRegs<n, subregs> {
let AltNames = alt;
let HWEncoding{6-0} = num;
// Registers are identified with 5-bit ID numbers.
// Ri - 32-bit integer registers.
class Ri<bits<5> num, string n, list<string> alt = []> :
HexagonReg<num, n, alt>;
// Rp - false/pseudo registers. These registers are used
// to provide a distinct set of aliases for both styles of vector
// register pairs without encountering subregister indexing constraints.
class R_fake<string n> :
// Rf - 32-bit floating-point registers.
class Rf<bits<5> num, string n> : HexagonReg<num, n>;
// Rd - 64-bit registers.
class Rd<bits<5> num, string n, list<Register> subregs,
list<string> alt = []> :
HexagonDoubleReg<num, n, subregs, alt> {
let SubRegs = subregs;
// Rp - predicate registers
class Rp<bits<5> num, string n> : HexagonReg<num, n>;
// Rq - vector predicate registers
class Rq<bits<3> num, string n> : Register<n, []> {
let HWEncoding{2-0} = num;
// Rc - control registers
class Rc<bits<5> num, string n,
list<string> alt = [], list<Register> alias = []> :
HexagonReg<num, n, alt, alias>;
// Rcc - 64-bit control registers.
class Rcc<bits<5> num, string n, list<Register> subregs,
list<string> alt = []> :
HexagonDoubleReg<num, n, subregs, alt> {
let SubRegs = subregs;
// Rs - system registers
class Rs<bits<7> num, string n,
list<string> alt = [], list<Register> alias = []> :
HexagonSys<num, n, alt, alias>;
// Rss - 64-bit system registers.
class Rss<bits<7> num, string n, list<Register> subregs,
list<string> alt = []> :
HexagonDoubleSys<num, n, subregs, alt> {
let SubRegs = subregs;
// Mx - address modifier registers
class Mx<bits<1> num, string n> : Register<n, []> {
let HWEncoding{0} = num;
// Rg - Guest/Hypervisor registers
class Rg<bits<5> num, string n,
list<string> alt = [], list<Register> alias = []> :
HexagonReg<num, n, alt, alias>;
// Rgg - 64-bit Guest/Hypervisor registers
class Rgg<bits<5> num, string n, list<Register> subregs> :
HexagonDoubleReg<num, n, subregs> {
let SubRegs = subregs;
def isub_lo : SubRegIndex<32>;
def isub_hi : SubRegIndex<32, 32>;
def vsub_lo : SubRegIndex<512>;
def vsub_hi : SubRegIndex<512, 512>;
def vsub_fake: SubRegIndex<512>;
def wsub_lo : SubRegIndex<1024>;
def wsub_hi : SubRegIndex<1024, 1024>;
def subreg_overflow : SubRegIndex<1, 0>;
// Integer registers.
foreach i = 0-28 in {
def R#i : Ri<i, "r"#i>, DwarfRegNum<[i]>;
def R29 : Ri<29, "r29", ["sp"]>, DwarfRegNum<[29]>;
def R30 : Ri<30, "r30", ["fp"]>, DwarfRegNum<[30]>;
def R31 : Ri<31, "r31", ["lr"]>, DwarfRegNum<[31]>;
// Aliases of the R* registers used to hold 64-bit int values (doubles).
let SubRegIndices = [isub_lo, isub_hi], CoveredBySubRegs = 1 in {
def D0 : Rd< 0, "r1:0", [R0, R1]>, DwarfRegNum<[32]>;
def D1 : Rd< 2, "r3:2", [R2, R3]>, DwarfRegNum<[34]>;
def D2 : Rd< 4, "r5:4", [R4, R5]>, DwarfRegNum<[36]>;
def D3 : Rd< 6, "r7:6", [R6, R7]>, DwarfRegNum<[38]>;
def D4 : Rd< 8, "r9:8", [R8, R9]>, DwarfRegNum<[40]>;
def D5 : Rd<10, "r11:10", [R10, R11]>, DwarfRegNum<[42]>;
def D6 : Rd<12, "r13:12", [R12, R13]>, DwarfRegNum<[44]>;
def D7 : Rd<14, "r15:14", [R14, R15]>, DwarfRegNum<[46]>;
def D8 : Rd<16, "r17:16", [R16, R17]>, DwarfRegNum<[48]>;
def D9 : Rd<18, "r19:18", [R18, R19]>, DwarfRegNum<[50]>;
def D10 : Rd<20, "r21:20", [R20, R21]>, DwarfRegNum<[52]>;
def D11 : Rd<22, "r23:22", [R22, R23]>, DwarfRegNum<[54]>;
def D12 : Rd<24, "r25:24", [R24, R25]>, DwarfRegNum<[56]>;
def D13 : Rd<26, "r27:26", [R26, R27]>, DwarfRegNum<[58]>;
def D14 : Rd<28, "r29:28", [R28, R29]>, DwarfRegNum<[60]>;
def D15 : Rd<30, "r31:30", [R30, R31], ["lr:fp"]>, DwarfRegNum<[62]>;
// Predicate registers.
def P0 : Rp<0, "p0">, DwarfRegNum<[63]>;
def P1 : Rp<1, "p1">, DwarfRegNum<[64]>;
def P2 : Rp<2, "p2">, DwarfRegNum<[65]>;
def P3 : Rp<3, "p3">, DwarfRegNum<[66]>;
// Fake register to represent USR.OVF bit. Arithmetic/saturating instruc-
// tions modify this bit, and multiple such instructions are allowed in the
// same packet. We need to ignore output dependencies on this bit, but not
// on the entire USR.
def USR_OVF : Rc<?, "usr.ovf">;
def USR : Rc<8, "usr", ["c8"]>, DwarfRegNum<[75]> {
let SubRegIndices = [subreg_overflow];
let SubRegs = [USR_OVF];
// Control registers.
def SA0: Rc<0, "sa0", ["c0"]>, DwarfRegNum<[67]>;
def LC0: Rc<1, "lc0", ["c1"]>, DwarfRegNum<[68]>;
def SA1: Rc<2, "sa1", ["c2"]>, DwarfRegNum<[69]>;
def LC1: Rc<3, "lc1", ["c3"]>, DwarfRegNum<[70]>;
def P3_0: Rc<4, "p3:0", ["c4"], [P0, P1, P2, P3]>,
// When defining more Cn registers, make sure to explicitly mark them
// as reserved in HexagonRegisterInfo.cpp.
def C5: Rc<5, "c5", ["c5"]>, DwarfRegNum<[72]>;
def M0: Rc<6, "m0", ["c6"]>, DwarfRegNum<[73]>;
def M1: Rc<7, "m1", ["c7"]>, DwarfRegNum<[74]>;
// Define C8 separately and make it aliased with USR.
// The problem is that USR has subregisters (e.g. overflow). If USR was
// specified as a subregister of C9_8, it would imply that subreg_overflow
// and isub_lo can be composed, which leads to all kinds of issues
// with lane masks.
def C8: Rc<8, "c8", [], [USR]>, DwarfRegNum<[75]>;
def PC: Rc<9, "pc", ["c9"]>, DwarfRegNum<[76]>;
def UGP: Rc<10, "ugp", ["c10"]>, DwarfRegNum<[77]>;
def GP: Rc<11, "gp", ["c11"]>, DwarfRegNum<[78]>;
def CS0: Rc<12, "cs0", ["c12"]>, DwarfRegNum<[79]>;
def CS1: Rc<13, "cs1", ["c13"]>, DwarfRegNum<[80]>;
def UPCYCLELO: Rc<14, "upcyclelo", ["c14"]>, DwarfRegNum<[81]>;
def UPCYCLEHI: Rc<15, "upcyclehi", ["c15"]>, DwarfRegNum<[82]>;
def FRAMELIMIT: Rc<16, "framelimit", ["c16"]>, DwarfRegNum<[83]>;
def FRAMEKEY: Rc<17, "framekey", ["c17"]>, DwarfRegNum<[84]>;
def PKTCOUNTLO: Rc<18, "pktcountlo", ["c18"]>, DwarfRegNum<[85]>;
def PKTCOUNTHI: Rc<19, "pktcounthi", ["c19"]>, DwarfRegNum<[86]>;
def UTIMERLO: Rc<30, "utimerlo", ["c30"]>, DwarfRegNum<[97]>;
def UTIMERHI: Rc<31, "utimerhi", ["c31"]>, DwarfRegNum<[98]>;
// Control registers pairs.
let SubRegIndices = [isub_lo, isub_hi], CoveredBySubRegs = 1 in {
def C1_0 : Rcc<0, "c1:0", [SA0, LC0], ["lc0:sa0"]>, DwarfRegNum<[67]>;
def C3_2 : Rcc<2, "c3:2", [SA1, LC1], ["lc1:sa1"]>, DwarfRegNum<[69]>;
def C5_4 : Rcc<4, "c5:4", [P3_0, C5]>, DwarfRegNum<[71]>;
def C7_6 : Rcc<6, "c7:6", [M0, M1], ["m1:0"]>, DwarfRegNum<[72]>;
// Use C8 instead of USR as a subregister of C9_8.
def C9_8 : Rcc<8, "c9:8", [C8, PC]>, DwarfRegNum<[74]>;
def C11_10 : Rcc<10, "c11:10", [UGP, GP]>, DwarfRegNum<[76]>;
def CS : Rcc<12, "c13:12", [CS0, CS1], ["cs1:0"]>, DwarfRegNum<[78]>;
def UPCYCLE: Rcc<14, "c15:14", [UPCYCLELO, UPCYCLEHI], ["upcycle"]>,
def C17_16 : Rcc<16, "c17:16", [FRAMELIMIT, FRAMEKEY]>, DwarfRegNum<[83]>;
def PKTCOUNT : Rcc<18, "c19:18", [PKTCOUNTLO, PKTCOUNTHI], ["pktcount"]>,
def UTIMER : Rcc<30, "c31:30", [UTIMERLO, UTIMERHI], ["utimer"]>,
foreach i = 0-31 in {
def V#i : Ri<i, "v"#i>, DwarfRegNum<[!add(i, 99)]>;
def VF#i : R_fake<"__"#!add(i,999999)>, DwarfRegNum<[!add(i, 999999)]>;
def VFR#i : R_fake<"__"#!add(i,9999999)>, DwarfRegNum<[!add(i, 9999999)]>;
def VTMP : Ri<0, "vtmp">, DwarfRegNum<[131]>;
// Aliases of the V* registers used to hold double vec values.
let SubRegIndices = [vsub_lo, vsub_hi, vsub_fake], CoveredBySubRegs = 1 in {
def W0 : Rd< 0, "v1:0", [V0, V1, VF0]>, DwarfRegNum<[99]>;
def W1 : Rd< 2, "v3:2", [V2, V3, VF1]>, DwarfRegNum<[101]>;
def W2 : Rd< 4, "v5:4", [V4, V5, VF2]>, DwarfRegNum<[103]>;
def W3 : Rd< 6, "v7:6", [V6, V7, VF3]>, DwarfRegNum<[105]>;
def W4 : Rd< 8, "v9:8", [V8, V9, VF4]>, DwarfRegNum<[107]>;
def W5 : Rd<10, "v11:10", [V10, V11, VF5]>, DwarfRegNum<[109]>;
def W6 : Rd<12, "v13:12", [V12, V13, VF6]>, DwarfRegNum<[111]>;
def W7 : Rd<14, "v15:14", [V14, V15, VF7]>, DwarfRegNum<[113]>;
def W8 : Rd<16, "v17:16", [V16, V17, VF8]>, DwarfRegNum<[115]>;
def W9 : Rd<18, "v19:18", [V18, V19, VF9]>, DwarfRegNum<[117]>;
def W10 : Rd<20, "v21:20", [V20, V21, VF10]>, DwarfRegNum<[119]>;
def W11 : Rd<22, "v23:22", [V22, V23, VF11]>, DwarfRegNum<[121]>;
def W12 : Rd<24, "v25:24", [V24, V25, VF12]>, DwarfRegNum<[123]>;
def W13 : Rd<26, "v27:26", [V26, V27, VF13]>, DwarfRegNum<[125]>;
def W14 : Rd<28, "v29:28", [V28, V29, VF14]>, DwarfRegNum<[127]>;
def W15 : Rd<30, "v31:30", [V30, V31, VF15]>, DwarfRegNum<[129]>;
// Reverse Aliases of the V* registers used to hold double vec values.
let SubRegIndices = [vsub_lo, vsub_hi, vsub_fake], CoveredBySubRegs = 1 in {
def WR0 : Rd< 1, "v0:1", [V0, V1, VFR0]>, DwarfRegNum<[161]>;
def WR1 : Rd< 3, "v2:3", [V2, V3, VFR1]>, DwarfRegNum<[162]>;
def WR2 : Rd< 5, "v4:5", [V4, V5, VFR2]>, DwarfRegNum<[163]>;
def WR3 : Rd< 7, "v6:7", [V6, V7, VFR3]>, DwarfRegNum<[164]>;
def WR4 : Rd< 9, "v8:9", [V8, V9, VFR4]>, DwarfRegNum<[165]>;
def WR5 : Rd<11, "v10:11", [V10, V11, VFR5]>, DwarfRegNum<[166]>;
def WR6 : Rd<13, "v12:13", [V12, V13, VFR6]>, DwarfRegNum<[167]>;
def WR7 : Rd<15, "v14:15", [V14, V15, VFR7]>, DwarfRegNum<[168]>;
def WR8 : Rd<17, "v16:17", [V16, V17, VFR8]>, DwarfRegNum<[169]>;
def WR9 : Rd<19, "v18:19", [V18, V19, VFR9]>, DwarfRegNum<[170]>;
def WR10: Rd<21, "v20:21", [V20, V21, VFR10]>, DwarfRegNum<[171]>;
def WR11: Rd<23, "v22:23", [V22, V23, VFR11]>, DwarfRegNum<[172]>;
def WR12: Rd<25, "v24:25", [V24, V25, VFR12]>, DwarfRegNum<[173]>;
def WR13: Rd<27, "v26:27", [V26, V27, VFR13]>, DwarfRegNum<[174]>;
def WR14: Rd<29, "v28:29", [V28, V29, VFR14]>, DwarfRegNum<[175]>;
def WR15: Rd<31, "v30:31", [V30, V31, VFR15]>, DwarfRegNum<[176]>;
// Aliases of the V* registers used to hold quad vec values.
let SubRegIndices = [wsub_lo, wsub_hi], CoveredBySubRegs = 1 in {
def VQ0 : Rd< 0, "v3:0", [W0, W1]>, DwarfRegNum<[252]>;
def VQ1 : Rd< 4, "v7:4", [W2, W3]>, DwarfRegNum<[253]>;
def VQ2 : Rd< 8, "v11:8", [W4, W5]>, DwarfRegNum<[254]>;
def VQ3 : Rd<12, "v15:12", [W6, W7]>, DwarfRegNum<[255]>;
def VQ4 : Rd<16, "v19:16", [W8, W9]>, DwarfRegNum<[256]>;
def VQ5 : Rd<20, "v23:20", [W10, W11]>, DwarfRegNum<[257]>;
def VQ6 : Rd<24, "v27:24", [W12, W13]>, DwarfRegNum<[258]>;
def VQ7 : Rd<28, "v31:28", [W14, W15]>, DwarfRegNum<[259]>;
// Vector Predicate registers.
def Q0 : Rq<0, "q0">, DwarfRegNum<[131]>;
def Q1 : Rq<1, "q1">, DwarfRegNum<[132]>;
def Q2 : Rq<2, "q2">, DwarfRegNum<[133]>;
def Q3 : Rq<3, "q3">, DwarfRegNum<[134]>;
// System registers.
def SGP0 : Rs<0, "sgp0", ["s0"]>, DwarfRegNum<[144]>;
def SGP1 : Rs<1, "sgp1", ["s1"]>, DwarfRegNum<[145]>;
def STID : Rs<2, "stid", ["s2"]>, DwarfRegNum<[146]>;
def ELR : Rs<3, "elr", ["s3"]>, DwarfRegNum<[147]>;
def BADVA0 : Rs<4, "badva0", ["s4"]>, DwarfRegNum<[148]>;
def BADVA1 : Rs<5, "badva1", ["s5"]>, DwarfRegNum<[149]>;
def SSR : Rs<6, "ssr", ["s6"]>, DwarfRegNum<[150]>;
def CCR : Rs<7, "ccr", ["s7"]>, DwarfRegNum<[151]>;
def HTID : Rs<8, "htid", ["s8"]>, DwarfRegNum<[152]>;
def BADVA : Rs<9, "badva", ["s9"]>, DwarfRegNum<[153]>;
def IMASK : Rs<10, "imask", ["s10"]>, DwarfRegNum<[154]>;
def S11 : Rs<11, "s11">, DwarfRegNum<[155]>;
def S12 : Rs<12, "s12">, DwarfRegNum<[156]>;
def S13 : Rs<13, "s13">, DwarfRegNum<[157]>;
def S14 : Rs<14, "s14">, DwarfRegNum<[158]>;
def S15 : Rs<15, "s15">, DwarfRegNum<[159]>;
def EVB : Rs<16, "evb", ["s16"]>, DwarfRegNum<[160]>;
def MODECTL : Rs<17, "modectl", ["s17"]>, DwarfRegNum<[161]>;
def SYSCFG : Rs<18, "syscfg", ["s18"]>, DwarfRegNum<[162]>;
def S19 : Rs<19, "s19", ["s19"]>, DwarfRegNum<[163]>;
def S20 : Rs<20, "s20", ["s20"]>, DwarfRegNum<[164]>;
def VID : Rs<21, "vid", ["s21"]>, DwarfRegNum<[165]>;
def S22 : Rs<22, "s22", ["s22"]>, DwarfRegNum<[166]>;
def S23 : Rs<23, "s23">, DwarfRegNum<[167]>;
def S24 : Rs<24, "s24">, DwarfRegNum<[168]>;
def S25 : Rs<25, "s25">, DwarfRegNum<[169]>;
def S26 : Rs<26, "s26">, DwarfRegNum<[170]>;
def CFGBASE : Rs<27, "cfgbase", ["s27"]>, DwarfRegNum<[171]>;
def DIAG : Rs<28, "diag", ["s28"]>, DwarfRegNum<[172]>;
def REV : Rs<29, "rev", ["s29"]>, DwarfRegNum<[173]>;
def PCYCLELO : Rs<30, "pcyclelo", ["s30"]>, DwarfRegNum<[174]>;
def PCYCLEHI : Rs<31, "pcyclehi", ["s31"]>, DwarfRegNum<[175]>;
def ISDBST : Rs<32, "isdbst", ["s32"]>, DwarfRegNum<[176]>;
def ISDBCFG0 : Rs<33, "isdbcfg0", ["s33"]>, DwarfRegNum<[177]>;
def ISDBCFG1 : Rs<34, "isdbcfg1", ["s34"]>, DwarfRegNum<[178]>;
def S35 : Rs<35, "s35">, DwarfRegNum<[179]>;
def BRKPTPC0 : Rs<36, "brkptpc0", ["s36"]>, DwarfRegNum<[180]>;
def BRKPTCFG0: Rs<37, "brkptcfg0", ["s37"]>, DwarfRegNum<[181]>;
def BRKPTPC1 : Rs<38, "brkptpc1", ["s38"]>, DwarfRegNum<[182]>;
def BRKPTCFG1: Rs<39, "brkptcfg1", ["s39"]>, DwarfRegNum<[183]>;
def ISDBMBXIN: Rs<40, "isdbmbxin", ["s40"]>, DwarfRegNum<[184]>;
def ISDBMBXOUT: Rs<41, "isdbmbxout", ["s41"]>, DwarfRegNum<[185]>;
def ISDBEN: Rs<42, "isdben", ["s42"]>, DwarfRegNum<[186]>;
def ISDBGPR: Rs<43, "isdbgpr", ["s43"]>, DwarfRegNum<[187]>;
def S44: Rs<44, "s44">, DwarfRegNum<[188]>;
def S45: Rs<45, "s45">, DwarfRegNum<[189]>;
def S46: Rs<46, "s46">, DwarfRegNum<[190]>;
def S47: Rs<47, "s47">, DwarfRegNum<[191]>;
def PMUCNT0: Rs<48, "pmucnt0", ["s48"]>, DwarfRegNum<[192]>;
def PMUCNT1: Rs<49, "pmucnt1", ["s49"]>, DwarfRegNum<[193]>;
def PMUCNT2: Rs<50, "pmucnt2", ["s50"]>, DwarfRegNum<[194]>;
def PMUCNT3: Rs<51, "pmucnt3", ["s51"]>, DwarfRegNum<[195]>;
def PMUEVTCFG: Rs<52, "pmuevtcfg", ["s52"]>, DwarfRegNum<[196]>;
def PMUCFG: Rs<53, "pmucfg", ["s53"]>, DwarfRegNum<[197]>;
def S54: Rs<54, "s54">, DwarfRegNum<[198]>;
def S55: Rs<55, "s55">, DwarfRegNum<[199]>;
def S56: Rs<56, "s56">, DwarfRegNum<[200]>;
def S57: Rs<57, "s57">, DwarfRegNum<[201]>;
def S58: Rs<58, "s58">, DwarfRegNum<[202]>;
def S59: Rs<59, "s59">, DwarfRegNum<[203]>;
def S60: Rs<60, "s60">, DwarfRegNum<[204]>;
def S61: Rs<61, "s61">, DwarfRegNum<[205]>;
def S62: Rs<62, "s62">, DwarfRegNum<[206]>;
def S63: Rs<63, "s63">, DwarfRegNum<[207]>;
def S64: Rs<64, "s64">, DwarfRegNum<[208]>;
def S65: Rs<65, "s65">, DwarfRegNum<[209]>;
def S66: Rs<66, "s66">, DwarfRegNum<[210]>;
def S67: Rs<67, "s67">, DwarfRegNum<[211]>;
def S68: Rs<68, "s68">, DwarfRegNum<[212]>;
def S69: Rs<69, "s69">, DwarfRegNum<[213]>;
def S70: Rs<70, "s70">, DwarfRegNum<[214]>;
def S71: Rs<71, "s71">, DwarfRegNum<[215]>;
def S72: Rs<72, "s72">, DwarfRegNum<[216]>;
def S73: Rs<73, "s73">, DwarfRegNum<[217]>;
def S74: Rs<74, "s74">, DwarfRegNum<[218]>;
def S75: Rs<75, "s75">, DwarfRegNum<[219]>;
def S76: Rs<76, "s76">, DwarfRegNum<[220]>;
def S77: Rs<77, "s77">, DwarfRegNum<[221]>;
def S78: Rs<78, "s78">, DwarfRegNum<[222]>;
def S79: Rs<79, "s79">, DwarfRegNum<[223]>;
def S80: Rs<80, "s80">, DwarfRegNum<[224]>;
// System Register Pair
let SubRegIndices = [isub_lo, isub_hi], CoveredBySubRegs = 1 in {
def SGP1_0 : Rss<0, "s1:0", [SGP0, SGP1], ["sgp1:0"]>, DwarfRegNum<[144]>;
def S3_2 : Rss<2, "s3:2", [STID, ELR]>, DwarfRegNum<[146]>;
def S5_4 : Rss<4, "s5:4", [BADVA0, BADVA1], ["badva1:0"]>,
def S7_6 : Rss<6, "s7:6", [SSR, CCR], ["ccr:ssr"]>, DwarfRegNum<[150]>;
def S9_8 : Rss<8, "s9:8", [HTID, BADVA]>, DwarfRegNum<[152]>;
def S11_10 : Rss<10, "s11:10", [IMASK, S11]>, DwarfRegNum<[154]>;
def S13_12 : Rss<12, "s13:12", [S12, S13]>, DwarfRegNum<[156]>;
def S15_14 : Rss<14, "s15:14", [S14, S15]>, DwarfRegNum<[158]>;
def S17_16 : Rss<16, "s17:16", [EVB, MODECTL]>, DwarfRegNum<[160]>;
def S19_18 : Rss<18, "s19:18", [SYSCFG, S19]>, DwarfRegNum<[162]>;
def S21_20 : Rss<20, "s21:20", [S20, VID]>, DwarfRegNum<[164]>;
def S23_22 : Rss<22, "s23:22", [S22, S23]>, DwarfRegNum<[166]>;
def S25_24 : Rss<24, "s25:24", [S24, S25]>, DwarfRegNum<[168]>;
def S27_26 : Rss<26, "s27:26", [S26, CFGBASE]>, DwarfRegNum<[170]>;
def S29_28 : Rss<28, "s29:28", [DIAG, REV]>, DwarfRegNum<[172]>;
def S31_30 : Rss<30, "s31:30", [PCYCLELO, PCYCLEHI], ["pcycle"]>, DwarfRegNum<[174]>;
def S33_32 : Rss<32, "s33:32", [ISDBST, ISDBCFG0]>, DwarfRegNum<[176]>;
def S35_34 : Rss<34, "s35:34", [ISDBCFG1, S35]>, DwarfRegNum<[178]>;
def S37_36 : Rss<36, "s37:36", [BRKPTPC0, BRKPTCFG0]>, DwarfRegNum<[180]>;
def S39_38 : Rss<38, "s39:38", [BRKPTPC1, BRKPTCFG1]>, DwarfRegNum<[182]>;
def S41_40 : Rss<40, "s41:40", [ISDBMBXIN, ISDBMBXOUT]>, DwarfRegNum<[184]>;
def S43_42 : Rss<42, "s43:42", [ISDBEN, ISDBGPR]>, DwarfRegNum<[186]>;
def S45_44 : Rss<44, "s45:44", [S44, S45]>, DwarfRegNum<[188]>;
def S47_46 : Rss<46, "s47:46", [S46, S47]>, DwarfRegNum<[190]>;
def S49_48 : Rss<48, "s49:48", [PMUCNT0, PMUCNT1]>, DwarfRegNum<[192]>;
def S51_50 : Rss<50, "s51:50", [PMUCNT2, PMUCNT3]>, DwarfRegNum<[194]>;
def S53_52 : Rss<52, "s53:52", [PMUEVTCFG, PMUCFG]>, DwarfRegNum<[196]>;
def S55_54 : Rss<54, "s55:54", [S54, S55]>, DwarfRegNum<[198]>;
def S57_56 : Rss<56, "s57:56", [S56, S57]>, DwarfRegNum<[200]>;
def S59_58 : Rss<58, "s59:58", [S58, S59]>, DwarfRegNum<[202]>;
def S61_60 : Rss<60, "s61:60", [S60, S61]>, DwarfRegNum<[204]>;
def S63_62 : Rss<62, "s63:62", [S62, S63]>, DwarfRegNum<[206]>;
def S65_64 : Rss<64, "s65:64", [S64, S65]>, DwarfRegNum<[208]>;
def S67_66 : Rss<66, "s67:66", [S66, S67]>, DwarfRegNum<[210]>;
def S69_68 : Rss<68, "s69:68", [S68, S69]>, DwarfRegNum<[212]>;
def S71_70 : Rss<70, "s71:70", [S70, S71]>, DwarfRegNum<[214]>;
def S73_72 : Rss<72, "s73:72", [S72, S73]>, DwarfRegNum<[216]>;
def S75_74 : Rss<74, "s75:74", [S74, S75]>, DwarfRegNum<[218]>;
def S77_76 : Rss<76, "s77:76", [S77, S76]>, DwarfRegNum<[219]>;
def S79_78 : Rss<78, "s79:78", [S79, S78]>, DwarfRegNum<[220]>;
// Guest Registers
def GELR: Rg<0, "gelr", ["g0"]>, DwarfRegNum<[220]>;
def GSR: Rg<1, "gsr", ["g1"]>, DwarfRegNum<[221]>;
def GOSP: Rg<2, "gosp", ["g2"]>, DwarfRegNum<[222]>;
def G3: Rg<3, "gbadva", ["g3"]>, DwarfRegNum<[223]>;
def G4: Rg<4, "g4">, DwarfRegNum<[224]>;
def G5: Rg<5, "g5">, DwarfRegNum<[225]>;
def G6: Rg<6, "g6">, DwarfRegNum<[226]>;
def G7: Rg<7, "g7">, DwarfRegNum<[227]>;
def G8: Rg<8, "g8">, DwarfRegNum<[228]>;
def G9: Rg<9, "g9">, DwarfRegNum<[229]>;
def G10: Rg<10, "g10">, DwarfRegNum<[230]>;
def G11: Rg<11, "g11">, DwarfRegNum<[231]>;
def G12: Rg<12, "g12">, DwarfRegNum<[232]>;
def G13: Rg<13, "g13">, DwarfRegNum<[233]>;
def G14: Rg<14, "g14">, DwarfRegNum<[234]>;
def G15: Rg<15, "g15">, DwarfRegNum<[235]>;
def GPMUCNT4: Rg<16, "gpmucnt4", ["g16"]>, DwarfRegNum<[236]>;
def GPMUCNT5: Rg<17, "gpmucnt5", ["g17"]>, DwarfRegNum<[237]>;
def GPMUCNT6: Rg<18, "gpmucnt6", ["g18"]>, DwarfRegNum<[238]>;
def GPMUCNT7: Rg<19, "gpmucnt7", ["g19"]>, DwarfRegNum<[239]>;
def G20: Rg<20, "g20">, DwarfRegNum<[240]>;
def G21: Rg<21, "g21">, DwarfRegNum<[241]>;
def G22: Rg<22, "g22">, DwarfRegNum<[242]>;
def G23: Rg<23, "g23">, DwarfRegNum<[243]>;
def GPCYCLELO: Rg<24, "gpcyclelo", ["g24"]>, DwarfRegNum<[244]>;
def GPCYCLEHI: Rg<25, "gpcyclehi", ["g25"]>, DwarfRegNum<[245]>;
def GPMUCNT0: Rg<26, "gpmucnt0", ["g26"]>, DwarfRegNum<[246]>;
def GPMUCNT1: Rg<27, "gpmucnt1", ["g27"]>, DwarfRegNum<[247]>;
def GPMUCNT2: Rg<28, "gpmucnt2", ["g28"]>, DwarfRegNum<[248]>;
def GPMUCNT3: Rg<29, "gpmucnt3", ["g29"]>, DwarfRegNum<[249]>;
def G30: Rg<30, "g30">, DwarfRegNum<[250]>;
def G31: Rg<31, "g31">, DwarfRegNum<[251]>;
// Guest Register Pairs
let SubRegIndices = [isub_lo, isub_hi], CoveredBySubRegs = 1 in {
def G1_0 : Rgg<0, "g1:0", [GELR, GSR]>, DwarfRegNum<[220]>;
def G3_2 : Rgg<2, "g3:2", [GOSP, G3]>, DwarfRegNum<[222]>;
def G5_4 : Rgg<4, "g5:4", [G4, G5]>, DwarfRegNum<[224]>;
def G7_6 : Rgg<6, "g7:6", [G6, G7]>, DwarfRegNum<[226]>;
def G9_8 : Rgg<8, "g9:8", [G8, G9]>, DwarfRegNum<[228]>;
def G11_10 : Rgg<10, "g11:10", [G10, G11]>, DwarfRegNum<[230]>;
def G13_12 : Rgg<12, "g13:12", [G12, G13]>, DwarfRegNum<[232]>;
def G15_14 : Rgg<14, "g15:14", [G14, G15]>, DwarfRegNum<[234]>;
def G17_16 : Rgg<16, "g17:16", [GPMUCNT4, GPMUCNT5]>, DwarfRegNum<[236]>;
def G19_18 : Rgg<18, "g19:18", [GPMUCNT6, GPMUCNT7]>, DwarfRegNum<[238]>;
def G21_20 : Rgg<20, "g21:20", [G20, G21]>, DwarfRegNum<[240]>;
def G23_22 : Rgg<22, "g23:22", [G22, G23]>, DwarfRegNum<[242]>;
def G25_24 : Rgg<24, "g25:24", [GPCYCLELO, GPCYCLEHI]>, DwarfRegNum<[244]>;
def G27_26 : Rgg<26, "g27:26", [GPMUCNT0, GPMUCNT1]>, DwarfRegNum<[246]>;
def G29_28 : Rgg<28, "g29:28", [GPMUCNT2, GPMUCNT3]>, DwarfRegNum<[248]>;
def G31_30 : Rgg<30, "g31:30", [G30, G31]>, DwarfRegNum<[250]>;
// HVX types
def VecI1: ValueTypeByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[v64i1, v128i1, v64i1]>;
def VecI8: ValueTypeByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[v64i8, v128i8, v64i8]>;
def VecI16: ValueTypeByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[v32i16, v64i16, v32i16]>;
def VecI32: ValueTypeByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[v16i32, v32i32, v16i32]>;
def VecPI8: ValueTypeByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[v128i8, v256i8, v128i8]>;
def VecPI16: ValueTypeByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[v64i16, v128i16, v64i16]>;
def VecPI32: ValueTypeByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[v32i32, v64i32, v32i32]>;
def VecQ8: ValueTypeByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[v64i1, v128i1, v64i1]>;
def VecQ16: ValueTypeByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[v32i1, v64i1, v32i1]>;
def VecQ32: ValueTypeByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[v16i1, v32i1, v16i1]>;
// HVX register classes
def HvxVR : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [VecI8, VecI16, VecI32], 512,
(add (sequence "V%u", 0, 31), VTMP)> {
let RegInfos = RegInfoByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[RegInfo<512,512,512>, RegInfo<1024,1024,1024>, RegInfo<512,512,512>]>;
def HvxWR : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [VecPI8, VecPI16, VecPI32], 1024,
(add (sequence "W%u", 0, 15), (sequence "WR%u", 0, 15))> {
let RegInfos = RegInfoByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[RegInfo<1024,1024,1024>, RegInfo<2048,2048,2048>, RegInfo<1024,1024,1024>]>;
def HvxQR : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [VecI1, VecQ8, VecQ16, VecQ32], 128,
(add Q0, Q1, Q2, Q3)> {
let RegInfos = RegInfoByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[RegInfo<64,512,512>, RegInfo<128,1024,1024>, RegInfo<64,512,512>]>;
def HvxVQR : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [untyped], 2048,
(add (sequence "VQ%u", 0, 7))> {
let RegInfos = RegInfoByHwMode<[Hvx64, Hvx128, DefaultMode],
[RegInfo<2048,2048,2048>, RegInfo<4096,4096,4096>, RegInfo<2048,2048,2048>]>;
// Core register classes
def IntRegs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i32, f32, v4i8, v2i16], 32,
(add (sequence "R%u", 0, 9), (sequence "R%u", 12, 28),
R10, R11, R29, R30, R31)>;
// Registers are listed in reverse order for allocation preference reasons.
def GeneralSubRegs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i32], 32,
(add R23, R22, R21, R20, R19, R18, R17, R16,
R7, R6, R5, R4, R3, R2, R1, R0)>;
def IntRegsLow8 : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i32], 32,
(add R7, R6, R5, R4, R3, R2, R1, R0)> ;
def DoubleRegs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i64, f64, v8i8, v4i16, v2i32], 64,
(add (sequence "D%u", 0, 4), (sequence "D%u", 6, 13), D5, D14, D15)>;
def GeneralDoubleLow8Regs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i64], 64,
(add D11, D10, D9, D8, D3, D2, D1, D0)>;
let Size = 32 in
def PredRegs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon",
[i1, v2i1, v4i1, v8i1, v4i8, v2i16, i32], 32, (add P0, P1, P2, P3)>;
let Size = 32 in
def ModRegs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i32], 32, (add M0, M1)>;
let Size = 32, isAllocatable = 0 in
def CtrRegs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i32], 32,
(add LC0, SA0, LC1, SA1, P3_0, C5, C8, PC, UGP, GP, CS0, CS1,
M0, M1, USR)>;
let Size = 64 in
def VectRegRev : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i64], 64,
(add (sequence "WR%u", 0, 15))>;
let isAllocatable = 0 in
def UsrBits : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i1], 0, (add USR_OVF)>;
let Size = 64, isAllocatable = 0 in
def CtrRegs64 : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i64], 64,
(add C1_0, C3_2, C5_4, C7_6, C9_8, C11_10, CS, UPCYCLE, C17_16,
let Size = 32, isAllocatable = 0 in
def GuestRegs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i32], 32,
(sequence "G%u", 3, 15),
G20, G21, G22, G23,
G30, G31)>;
let Size = 64, isAllocatable = 0 in
def GuestRegs64 : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i64], 64,
(add G1_0, G3_2,
G5_4, G7_6, G9_8, G11_10, G13_12, G15_14,
G17_16, G19_18,
G21_20, G23_22,
G25_24, G27_26, G29_28,
let Size = 32, isAllocatable = 0 in
def SysRegs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i32], 32,
S11, S12, S13, S14, S15,
S19, S23, S25,
S44, S45, S46, S47,
PMUEVTCFG, PMUCFG, S54, S55, S56, S57,
S58, S59, S60, S61, S62, S63, S64, S65, S66, S67,
S68, S69, S70, S71, S72, S73, S74, S75, S76, S77,
S78, S79, S80
let Size = 64, isAllocatable = 0 in
def SysRegs64 : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i64], 64,
(add SGP1_0,
S3_2, S5_4, S7_6, S9_8,
S11_10, S13_12, S15_14,
S17_16, S19_18, S21_20,
S23_22, S25_24,
S27_26, S29_28, S31_30, S33_32, S35_34,
S37_36, S39_38, S41_40, S43_42, S45_44,
S47_46, S49_48, S51_50, S53_52,
S55_54, S57_56, S59_58,
S61_60, S63_62, S65_64, S67_66, S69_68,
S71_70, S73_72, S75_74, S77_76, S79_78
// These registers are new for v62 and onward.
// The function RegisterMatchesArch() uses this list for validation.
let isAllocatable = 0 in
def V62Regs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i32], 32,
// These registers are new for v65 and onward.
let Size = 32, isAllocatable = 0 in
def V65Regs : RegisterClass<"Hexagon", [i32], 32, (add VTMP)>;
def HexagonCSR
: CalleeSavedRegs<(add R16, R17, R18, R19, R20, R21, R22, R23,
R24, R25, R26, R27)>;