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; NOTE: Assertions have been autogenerated by utils/ UTC_ARGS: --function-signature --scrub-attributes --check-attributes --check-globals
; RUN: opt -attributor -enable-new-pm=0 -attributor-manifest-internal -attributor-annotate-decl-cs -attributor-max-initialization-chain-length=1 -S < %s | FileCheck %s --check-prefixes=CHECK,CHECK_1
; RUN: opt -aa-pipeline=basic-aa -passes=attributor -attributor-manifest-internal -attributor-annotate-decl-cs -attributor-max-initialization-chain-length=1 -S < %s | FileCheck %s --check-prefixes=CHECK,CHECK_1
; RUN: opt -attributor -enable-new-pm=0 -attributor-manifest-internal -attributor-annotate-decl-cs -attributor-max-initialization-chain-length=1024 -S < %s | FileCheck %s --check-prefixes=CHECK,CHECK_5
; RUN: opt -aa-pipeline=basic-aa -passes=attributor -attributor-manifest-internal -attributor-annotate-decl-cs -attributor-max-initialization-chain-length=1024 -S < %s | FileCheck %s --check-prefixes=CHECK,CHECK_5
declare void @foo(i8* dereferenceable(8) %arg)
define dso_local i32 @bar(i32* %arg) {
; CHECK_1-LABEL: define {{[^@]+}}@bar
; CHECK_1-SAME: (i32* dereferenceable_or_null(8) [[ARG:%.*]]) {
; CHECK_1-NEXT: entry:
; CHECK_1-NEXT: [[BC1:%.*]] = bitcast i32* [[ARG]] to i8*
; CHECK_1-NEXT: call void @foo(i8* noundef dereferenceable_or_null(8) [[BC1]])
; CHECK_1-NEXT: [[LD:%.*]] = load i32, i32* [[ARG]], align 4
; CHECK_1-NEXT: ret i32 [[LD]]
; CHECK_5-LABEL: define {{[^@]+}}@bar
; CHECK_5-SAME: (i32* nonnull dereferenceable(8) [[ARG:%.*]]) {
; CHECK_5-NEXT: entry:
; CHECK_5-NEXT: [[BC1:%.*]] = bitcast i32* [[ARG]] to i8*
; CHECK_5-NEXT: call void @foo(i8* noundef nonnull dereferenceable(8) [[BC1]])
; CHECK_5-NEXT: [[LD:%.*]] = load i32, i32* [[ARG]], align 4
; CHECK_5-NEXT: ret i32 [[LD]]
%bc1 = bitcast i32* %arg to i8*
call void @foo(i8* %bc1)
%ld = load i32, i32* %arg
ret i32 %ld