Install future before running sphinx

Fix Sphinx warning about lack of module named 'future' by making the
installation of future a dependency of sphinx in tox.ini

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  8. docker/
  9. docs/
  10. examples/
  11. lnt/
  12. mypy.ini
  13. requirements.client.txt
  14. requirements.server.txt
  15. requirements.txt
  16. runtime.txt
  17. schemas/
  18. setup.cfg
  20. tests/
  21. tox.ini
  22. utils/

LLVM “Nightly Test” Infrastructure

This directory and its subdirectories contain the LLVM nightly test infrastructure. This is technically version “4.0” of the LLVM nightly test architecture.

The infrastructure has the following layout:

$ROOT/lnt - Top-level Python ‘lnt’ module

$ROOT/lnt/server/db - Database schema, utilities, and examples of the LNT plist format.

$ROOT/docs - Sphinx documentation for LNT.

$ROOT/tests - Tests for the infrastructure.

For more information, see the web documentation, or docs/.