Remove all past crazyness with pip in

In an attempt to be DRY, we were using the requirements files to get the dependent
packages. Pip has not provided a good interface to do that, and so we have been
broken a number of times.  As pip has evolved, those files can now define dependencies
better, so they are not needed anymore.

In a standard client install (flask webserver and sqlite) we will install the packages
using standard install_requires.  For server installs pip can be used directly,
and will use the local to get the non-server requirements.  This is much more

Docs updated, but Docker change not tests, as I don't have a test environment.
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LLVM “Nightly Test” Infrastructure

This directory and its subdirectories contain the LLVM nightly test infrastructure. This is technically version “4.0” of the LLVM nightly test architecture.

The infrastructure has the following layout:

$ROOT/lnt - Top-level Python ‘lnt’ module

$ROOT/lnt/server/db - Database schema, utilities, and examples of the LNT plist format.

$ROOT/docs - Sphinx documentation for LNT.

$ROOT/tests - Tests for the infrastructure.

For more information, see the web documentation, or docs/.