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# info script
# This file was developed by Reid Spencer and is distributed under the
# University of Illinois Open Source License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
# This script gets subversion information about each module checked out. Just
# specify the list of modules your' interested in or specify none to get show
# information about the currently checked out modules. See the README.txt file.
# Get the library.
if test ! -z "$LLVM_TOP" ; then
if test -f "$LLVM_TOP/" ; then
. "$LLVM_TOP/"
echo "Your LLVM_TOP variable is not set to an llvm-top directory"
exit 1
elif test -f ./ ; then
. ./
elif test -f ../ ; then
. ../
echo Please run $0 from the llvm-top directory or a module directory.
exit 1
# Get the list of modules
process_arguments "$@"
# Getting the module dependencies also causes them to be checked out.
get_module_dependencies $MODULES
for mod in $MODULE_DEPENDENCIES ; do
msg 0 "Information for module '$mod'"
if test "$VERBOSE" -gt 0 ; then
vcs_info $mod
vcs_info $mod | sed -e '/^Repository/d' -e '/^Node/d' -e '/^Sched/d'