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#include "version.h"
/* This is the string reported as the version number by all components
of the compiler. If you distribute a modified version of GCC,
please modify this string to indicate that, e.g. by putting your
organization's name in parentheses at the end of the string. */
/* APPLE LOCAL begin Apple version */
/* When updating this string:
- For each internal build, increment the build number.
- When merging from the FSF, delete any (experimental) or (prerelease).
Apple doesn't mark its GCC versions as 'prerelease', because a released
compiler will be identical to the last prerelease compiler and it
makes no sense to mark released compilers as 'prerelease'.
- There are other scripts that search for first word of the string
to get version number string. Do not use new line.
const char version_string[] = "4.0.1 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 5449)"
"(LLVM build "
/* APPLE LOCAL end Apple version */
/* This is the location of the online document giving instructions for
reporting bugs. If you distribute a modified version of GCC,
please change this to refer to a document giving instructions for
reporting bugs to you, not us. (You are of course welcome to
forward us bugs reported to you, if you determine that they are
not bugs in your modifications.) */
/* APPLE LOCAL begin Apple bug-report */
const char bug_report_url[] = "<URL:>";
/* APPLE LOCAL end Apple bug-report */