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@deftypefn Supplemental char* strdup (const char *@var{s})
Returns a pointer to a copy of @var{s} in memory obtained from
@code{malloc}, or @code{NULL} if insufficient memory was available.
@end deftypefn
#include <ansidecl.h>
#include <stddef.h>
extern size_t strlen (const char*);
extern PTR malloc (size_t);
extern PTR memcpy (PTR, const PTR, size_t);
char *
strdup(const char *s)
size_t len = strlen (s) + 1;
char *result = (char*) malloc (len);
if (result == (char*) 0)
return (char*) 0;
return (char*) memcpy (result, s, len);