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VPATH = @srcdir@
srcdir = @srcdir@
EXECUTABLES = altivec-abi altivec-regs amd64-byte amd64-disp-step amd64-dword \
amd64-entry-value amd64-i386-address amd64-word i386-bp_permanent \
i386-permbkpt i386-avx i386-signal i386-sse
all info install-info dvi install uninstall installcheck check:
@echo "Nothing to be done for $@..."
clean mostlyclean:
-rm -f *~ *.o a.out *.x *.ci *.tmp gcore.test system-gcore
-rm -f core core.coremaker coremaker.core corefile $(EXECUTABLES)
-rm -f *.dwo *.dwp
distclean maintainer-clean realclean: clean
-rm -f *~ core
-rm -f Makefile config.status config.log
-rm -f *-init.exp gdb.log gdb.sum
-rm -fr *.log summary detail *.plog *.sum *.psum site.*