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# Host: PowerPC64, running Linux
NAT_FILE= config/nm-linux.h
NATDEPFILES= inf-ptrace.o fork-child.o \
ppc-linux-nat.o proc-service.o linux-thread-db.o \
linux-nat.o linux-osdata.o linux-fork.o linux-procfs.o linux-ptrace.o
NAT_CDEPS = $(srcdir)/proc-service.list
# The PowerPC has severe limitations on TOC size, and uses them even
# for non-PIC code. GDB overflows those tables when compiling with
# -mfull-toc (the default), so we need to ask GCC to use as few TOC
# entries as possible.
MH_CFLAGS= -mminimal-toc
# The dynamically loaded libthread_db needs access to symbols in the
# gdb executable.