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2012-07-13 Andreas Krebbel <>
* elf64-s390.c: Include elf-s390-common.c.
(R_390_IRELATIVE): New reloc.
(elf_s390_reloc_type_lookup): Support R_390_IRELATIVE.
(RELA_ENTRY_SIZE): New macro.
(elf_s390_link_hash_entry): New fields ifunc_resolver_address and
(struct plt_entry): New struct.
(struct elf_s390_obj_tdata): New field local_plt.
(elf_s390_local_plt): New macro.
(struct elf_s390_link_hash_table): New field irelifunc.
(ELF64): New macro.
(link_hash_newfunc): Initialize new fields.
(elf_s390_check_relocs): Handle IFUNC symbols.
(elf_s390_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Don't do anything for IFUNC
(allocate_dynrelocs): Call s390_elf_allocate_ifunc_dyn_relocs for
IFUNC symbols.
(elf_s390_size_dynamic_sections): Handle IFUNC symbols.
(elf_s390_relocate_section): Likewise.
(elf_s390_finish_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
(elf_s390_finish_dynamic_sections): Handle local IFUNC symbols.
(elf_s390_finish_ifunc_symbol): New function.
(elf_s390_gc_sweep_hook): Handle local plt entries.
(elf_backend_add_symbol_hook): Define.
* elf32-s390.c: See elf64-s390.c changes.
* elf-s390-common.c: New file.
* bfd-in2.h (BFD_RELOC_390_IRELATIVE): New enum field.
* libbfd.h (BFD_RELOC_390_IRELATIVE): New entry for
* reloc.c (BFD_RELOC_390_IRELATIVE): Document new relocation.
2012-07-13 Nick Clifton <>
* aix386-core.c: Remove use of PTR and PARAMS macros.
* archive.c: Likewise.
* cache.c: Likewise.
* cisco-core.c: Likewise.
* coff-alpha.c: Likewise.
* coff-apollo.c: Likewise.
* coff-aux.c: Likewise.
* coff-h8300.c: Likewise.
* coff-h8500.c: Likewise.
* coff-i386.c: Likewise.
* coff-i960.c: Likewise.
* coff-ia64.c: Likewise.
* coff-m68k.c: Likewise.
* coff-m88k.c: Likewise.
* coff-mcore.c: Likewise.
* coff-mips.c: Likewise.
* coff-or32.c: Likewise.
* coff-ppc.c: Likewise.
* coff-rs6000.c: Likewise.
* coff-sh.c: Likewise.
* coff-sparc.c: Likewise.
* coff-stgo32.c: Likewise.
* coff-tic30.c: Likewise.
* coff-tic4x.c: Likewise.
* coff-tic54x.c: Likewise.
* coff-tic80.c: Likewise.
* coff-w65.c: Likewise.
* cofflink.c: Likewise.
* cpu-arc.c: Likewise.
* cpu-cris.c: Likewise.
* cpu-h8500.c: Likewise.
* cpu-i960.c: Likewise.
* cpu-msp430.c: Likewise.
* cpu-ns32k.c: Likewise.
* cpu-powerpc.c: Likewise.
* cpu-rs6000.c: Likewise.
* cpu-tic4x.c: Likewise.
* cpu-w65.c: Likewise.
* ecoff.c: Likewise.
* ecofflink.c: Likewise.
* elf-m10200.c: Likewise.
* elf32-bfin.c: Likewise.
* elf32-cris.c: Likewise.
* elf32-crx.c: Likewise.
* elf32-fr30.c: Likewise.
* elf32-frv.c: Likewise.
* elf32-h8300.c: Likewise.
* elf32-i960.c: Likewise.
* elf32-m32c.c: Likewise.
* elf32-m68hc11.c: Likewise.
* elf32-m68hc12.c: Likewise.
* elf32-m68hc1x.c: Likewise.
* elf32-m68k.c: Likewise.
* elf32-mcore.c: Likewise.
* elf32-rl78.c: Likewise.
* elf32-rx.c: Likewise.
* elf32-s390.c: Likewise.
* elf32-vax.c: Likewise.
* elf64-alpha.c: Likewise.
* elf64-mmix.c: Likewise.
* elf64-s390.c: Likewise.
* elf64-sparc.c: Likewise.
* elfnn-ia64.c: Likewise.
* elfxx-mips.c: Likewise.
* elfxx-sparc.c: Likewise.
* hash.c: Likewise.
* hp300hpux.c: Likewise.
* hppabsd-core.c: Likewise.
* hpux-core.c: Likewise.
* i386dynix.c: Likewise.
* i386linux.c: Likewise.
* i386lynx.c: Likewise.
* i386mach3.c: Likewise.
* i386msdos.c: Likewise.
* i386os9k.c: Likewise.
* irix-core.c: Likewise.
* lynx-core.c: Likewise.
* m68klinux.c: Likewise.
* mach-o.h: Likewise.
* mipsbsd.c: Likewise.
* netbsd-core.c: Likewise.
* nlm32-i386.c: Likewise.
* osf-core.c: Likewise.
* pc532-mach.c: Likewise.
* pef.c: Likewise.
* ppcboot.c: Likewise.
* ptrace-core.c: Likewise.
* reloc16.c: Likewise.
* sco5-core.c: Likewise.
* som.h: Likewise.
* sparclinux.c: Likewise.
* sparclynx.c: Likewise.
* ticoff.h: Likewise.
* trad-core.c: Likewise.
* vms-lib.c: Likewise.
* xsym.h: Likewise.
2012-07-09 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/14323
* elflink.c (elf_sort_symbol): Sort by size too.
(elf_link_add_object_symbols <weakdefs>): Simplify binary search.
Do not depend on ordering of symbol aliases. Match largest size.
2012-07-03 H.J. Lu <>
* elf.c (assign_section_numbers): Check if number of sections
* elfcode.h (elf_object_p): Likewise.
2012-07-03 Nick Clifton <>
* archive.c (bsd_write_armap): Catch attempts to create an archive
with indicies bigger than 4Gb.
(coff_write_armap): Likewise.
2012-07-03 H.J. Lu <>
PR binutils/14319
* elf.c (_bfd_elf_make_section_from_shdr): Don't compress empty
debug section.
2012-07-03 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/3351
* elflink.c (_bfd_elf_update_dynamic_flags): New.
(_bfd_elf_merge_symbol): Update both real and indirect symbol
dynamic flags.
(_bfd_elf_add_default_symbol): Make the real symbol dynamic if
the indirect symbol is defined in a shared library.
(elf_link_add_object_symbols): Likewise. If the indirect
symbol has been forced local, don't make the real symbol
(elf_link_check_versioned_symbol): Check indirect symbol.
(elf_link_output_extsym): Use real symbol definition when
reporting indirect symbol error. Check version info for
dynamic versioned symbol.
2012-07-03 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/14207
* elf.c (assign_file_positions_for_load_sections): Remove assertions
that only PT_LOAD headers include file header and section headers.
(assign_file_positions_for_non_load_sections): Similarly don't
assert PT_GNU_RELRO header does not include file and section headers.
Compare first section vma rather than PT_LOAD p_vaddr against
relro_start when looking for PT_LOAD covering PT_GNU_RELRO. Replace
abort with assertion.
2012-07-02 Alan Modra <>
* elf32-m32c.c (m32c_elf_check_relocs): Use bfd_make_section
"anyway" variant when creating .plt.
(m32c_elf_relax_plt_section): Remove redundant test and unused param.
(m32c_elf_relax_section): Test SEC_LINKER_CREATED before calling
* elfxx-mips.c (mips_elf_create_got_section): Use make anyway variant
when creating .got and .got.plt.
(_bfd_mips_elf_final_link): Likewise for .rtproc, and use
* sunos.c: Similarly throughout.
2012-07-01 Andreas Schwab <>
* elf.c (_bfd_elf_make_section_from_shdr): Fix typo in error
2012-06-29 H.J. Lu <>
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_relocate_section): Return FALSE
on unresolvable relocation.
2012-06-29 H.J. Lu <>
* archive.c (_bfd_compute_and_write_armap): Simplify global
symbol handling.
2012-06-29 Nick Clifton <>
PR ld/14189
* elf32-arm.c (elf32_arm_check_relocs): Do not increment refcount
for locally bound symbols.
2012-06-29 Alan Modra <>
* section.c (bfd_get_linker_section): New function.
* elf32-arm.c: When retrieving SEC_LINKER_CREATED sections, use
the above throughout rather than bfd_get_section_by_name. Use
bfd_make_section_anyway rather than bfd_make_section when creating
* elf32-bfin.c: Likewise.
* elf32-cr16.c: Likewise.
* elf32-cris.c: Likewise.
* elf32-frv.c: Likewise.
* elf32-hppa.c: Likewise.
* elf32-i370.c: Likewise.
* elf32-i386.c: Likewise.
* elf32-lm32.c: Likewise.
* elf32-m32c.c: Likewise.
* elf32-m32r.c: Likewise.
* elf32-m68k.c: Likewise.
* elf32-microblaze.c: Likewise.
* elf32-ppc.c: Likewise.
* elf32-rl78.c: Likewise.
* elf32-s390.c: Likewise.
* elf32-score.c: Likewise.
* elf32-score7.c: Likewise.
* elf32-sh.c: Likewise.
* elf32-tic6x.c: Likewise.
* elf32-tilepro.c: Likewise.
* elf32-vax.c: Likewise.
* elf32-xstormy16.c: Likewise.
* elf32-xtensa.c: Likewise.
* elf64-alpha.c: Likewise.
* elf64-hppa.c: Likewise.
* elf64-ia64-vms.c: Likewise.
* elf64-ppc.c: Likewise.
* elf64-s390.c: Likewise.
* elf64-sh64.c: Likewise.
* elf64-sparc.c: Likewise.
* elf64-x86-64.c: Likewise.
* elfnn-ia64.c: Likewise.
* elfxx-mips.c: Likewise.
* elfxx-sparc.c: Likewise.
* elfxx-tilegx.c: Likewise.
* elflink.c: Likewise.
* elf-vxworks.c: Likewise.
* elf-m10300.c: Likewise. Also make use of htab plt, got and
gotplt shortcuts.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* elf32-lm32.c (lm32_elf_check_relocs): Use the correct bfd when
calling create_rofixup_section.
* elflink.c (bfd_elf_final_link): Simplify test for .dynstr.
2012-06-29 Alan Modra <>
* elf32-sh.c (sh_elf_create_dynamic_sections): Don't create .rela
section for bss type sections, except for .rela.bss.
* elf-m10300.c (_bfd_mn10300_elf_create_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
* elf32-cr16.c (_bfd_cr16_elf_create_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
* elf32-lm32.c (lm32_elf_create_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
* elf32-m32r.c (m32r_elf_create_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
* elf64-sh64.c (sh64_elf64_create_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
2012-06-28 Roland McGrath <>
* elf32-arm.c (elf32_arm_populate_plt_entry): Use int32_t for
displacement calculation in nacl_p case.
2012-06-28 Nick Clifton <>
* po/uk.po: New Ukranian translation.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add uk.
* configure: Regenerate.
2012-06-26 Alan Modra <>
* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_next_toc_section): Don't error if input
file has multiple .got/.toc sections and all don't fit in
current toc group.
2012-06-22 Roland McGrath <>
* elf.c (assign_file_positions_for_non_load_sections): Define
__ehdr_start symbol if it's referenced and there's a PT_LOAD
segment that covers both the file and program headers.
2012-06-22 Andreas Schwab <>
* elf32-m68k.c (elf_m68k_finish_dynamic_symbol): Don't make
2012-06-22 Alan Modra <>
* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_func_desc_adjust): Don't emit out-of-line
save/restore functions when relocatable. Make "funcs" static.
2012-06-18 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* elf32-cris.c (cris_elf_plt_sym_val): Rewrite to work in presence
of merged .got and .got.plt entries.
2012-06-18 John Szakmeister <>
* elf32-arm.c (elf32_arm_final_link_relocate): Correct return value.
2012-06-17 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* elf32-cris.c (cris_elf_relocate_section): <R_CRIS_32_IE>
<R_CRIS_32_GOT_TPREL, R_CRIS_16_GOT_TPREL>: Handle references to
thread common symbols.
2012-06-13 Nick Clifton <>
* elf32-arm.c (bfd_arm_get_mach_from_attributes): New function.
(elf32_arm_object_p): If the machine number could not be deduced
from the notes, call bfd_arm_get_mach_from_attributes to get the
number from the attributes.
2012-06-12 H.J. Lu <>
PR bfd/14207
* elf.c (assign_file_positions_for_non_load_sections): Abort if
PT_GNU_RELRO segment doesn't fit in PT_LOAD segment.
2012-06-12 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/14207
* elf.c (_bfd_elf_map_sections_to_segments): Disregard bss type
sections at end of PT_LOAD segment when searching for segment
that contains end of relro extent.
2012-06-11 H.J. Lu <>
* elf.c (assign_file_positions_for_non_load_sections): Reindent.
2012-06-11 H.J. Lu <>
* elf.c (_bfd_elf_map_sections_to_segments): Reindent.
2012-06-06 Alan Modra <>
* elflink.c (elf_link_input_bfd): Provide a file symbol for
each input file with local syms, if the input lacks such.
(bfd_elf_final_link): Add a file symbol to mark end of locals
for which we can associate with input files.
(struct elf_final_link_info): Add filesym_count field.
(struct elf_outext_info): Add need_second_pass and second_pass.
(elf_link_output_extsym): Detect symbols defined in the output
file, emit them on second pass over locals.
2012-06-04 Jan Kratochvil <>
* bfd-in.h (bfd_elf_bfd_from_remote_memory): Make LEN argument
of target_read_memory as bfd_size_type.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* elf-bfd.h (elf_backend_bfd_from_remote_memory): Make LEN
argument of target_read_memory as bfd_size_type.
(_bfd_elf32_bfd_from_remote_memory): Likewise.
(_bfd_elf64_bfd_from_remote_memory): Likewise.
* elf.c (bfd_elf_bfd_from_remote_memory): Likewise.
* elfcode.h (NAME(_bfd_elf,bfd_from_remote_memory)): Likewise.
2012-06-03 Alan Modra <>
PR binutils/13897
* elf.c (elf_find_function): Cache last function sym info.
(_bfd_elf_maybe_function_sym): Return function size, pass in
section of interest.
* elf-bfd.h (struct elf_backend_data <maybe_function_sym>): Likewise.
(_bfd_elf_maybe_function_sym): Likewise.
* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_maybe_function_sym): Likewise.
(opd_entry_value): Add in_code_sec param. Revert caching code.
Return -1 if in_code_sec and function found in wrong section.
Update all calls.
2012-06-01 Siddhesh Poyarekar <>
* bfd-in.h (bfd_elf_bfd_from_remote_memory): Make LEN argument
of target_read_memory as size_t.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* elf-bfd.h (elf_backend_bfd_from_remote_memory): Make LEN
argument of target_read_memory as size_t.
(_bfd_elf32_bfd_from_remote_memory): Likewise.
(_bfd_elf64_bfd_from_remote_memory): Likewise.
* elf.c (bfd_elf_bfd_from_remote_memory): Likewise.
* elfcode.h (NAME(_bfd_elf,bfd_from_remote_memory)): Likewise.
2012-06-01 Alan Modra <>
PR binutils/13897
* elf64-ppc.c (opd_entry_value): Rewrite cache code.
2012-05-29 Tom Tromey <>
* opncls.c (bfd_fopen): Always close fd on failure.
(bfd_fdopenr): Likewise.
2012-05-27 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/14170
* elflink.c (_bfd_elf_merge_symbol): When a symbol defined in
a dynamic library finds a new instance with non-default
visibility in a regular object, correctly handle symbols
already on the undefs list and undo dynamic symbol state when
the new symbol is hidden or internal.
2012-05-25 H.J. Lu <>
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_create_dynamic_sections): Don't use
dynamic_sec_flags to create PLT .eh_frame section.
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_create_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
2012-05-25 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/13909
* elf-eh-frame.c (_bfd_elf_eh_frame_present): New function.
(_bfd_elf_maybe_strip_eh_frame_hdr): Use it here.
* elf-bfd.h (_bfd_elf_eh_frame_present): Declare.
* elflink.c (bfd_elf_size_dynamic_sections): Let the backend
size dynamic sections before stripping eh_frame_hdr.
(bfd_elf_gc_sections): Handle multiple .eh_frame sections.
* elf32-ppc.c (ppc_elf_size_dynamic_sections): Drop glink_eh_frame
if no other .eh_frame sections exist.
* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_size_stubs): Likewise.
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_create_dynamic_sections): Don't size
or alloc plt_eh_frame here..
(elf_i386_size_dynamic_sections): it here instead. Don't
specially keep sgotplt, iplt, tgotplt, sdynbss for symbols.
(elf_i386_finish_dynamic_sections): Check plt_eh_frame->contents
before writing plt offset.
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_create_dynamic_sections): Don't size
or alloc plt_eh_frame here..
(elf_x86_64_size_dynamic_sections): it here instead.
(elf_x86_64_finish_dynamic_sections): Check plt_eh_frame->contents
before writing plt offset.
2012-05-24 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/14158
* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_size_stubs): Round up glink_eh_frame
size to output section alignment.
(ppc64_elf_build_stubs): Likewise, and extend last FDE to cover.
2012-05-23 Alan Modra <>
* elf-eh-frame.c (_bfd_elf_maybe_strip_eh_frame_hdr): Handle
BFDs with multiple .eh_frame sections.
2012-05-23 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/13909
* elflink.c (bfd_elf_discard_info): Don't ignore dynamic BFDs.
2012-05-22 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/13909
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_create_dynamic_sections): Revert the
last change.
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_create_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
2012-05-22 Alan Modra <>
* elflink.c (bfd_elf_discard_info): Look for next .eh_frame if
first one is zero size or discarded.
* elf32-ppc.c (ppc_elf_size_dynamic_sections): Set most of
glink_eh_frame contents here..
(ppc_elf_finish_dynamic_sections): ..rather than here. Just set
offset to .glink.
2012-05-22 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/13909
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_create_dynamic_sections): Create PLT
eh_frame section if there is an input .eh_frame section.
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_create_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
2012-05-22 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/14105
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_create_dynamic_sections): Always
create PLT eh_frame section with SEC_LINKER_CREATED.
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_create_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
2012-05-22 Alan Modra <>
* elflink.c (bfd_elf_discard_info): Handle multiple .eh_frame
sections attached to a BFD.
* section.c (bfd_get_section_by_name): Rewrite description.
(bfd_get_next_section_by_name): New function.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
2012-05-21 Andreas Schwab <>
* elf32-m68k.c (elf_m68k_grok_prstatus): New function.
(elf_m68k_grok_psinfo): New function.
(elf_backend_grok_prstatus): Define.
(elf_backend_grok_psinfo): Define.
2012-05-19 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* elf64-mips.c (elf_backend_got_header_size): Correct definition.
* elfxx-mips.c (_bfd_mips_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Use the ELF
backend's GOT header size instead of hardcoding it.
2012-05-19 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* elf32-vax.c (elf_vax_relocate_section)
<R_VAX_8, R_VAX_16, R_VAX_32>: Don't check if info->shared again.
2012-05-19 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* elf32-vax.c (elf_vax_relocate_section)
<R_VAX_8, R_VAX_16, R_VAX_32>: Use section flags rather than
its name as the check for text sections.
2012-05-19 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* elf64-mips.c (mips_elf64_be_swap_reloc_out): Also make sure
the third reloc offset is the same as the first.
2012-05-19 Alan Modra <>
* elf32-ppc.h (has_vle_insns, is_ppc_vle): Delete.
(has_tls_reloc, has_tls_get_addr_call): Move back to..
* elf32-ppc.c:
(ppc_elf_section_flags, elf_backend_section_flags): Delete.
(ppc_elf_modify_segment_map): Use ELF sh_flags to detect VLE sections.
2012-05-18 H.J. Lu <>
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_finish_dynamic_symbol): Don't make
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_finish_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
2012-05-18 Roland McGrath <>
* archive.c (_bfd_generic_read_ar_hdr_mag): Fix last change so as
not to clobber the ar_fmag field stored in ARED->arch_header.
2012-05-18 Pedro Alves <>
* mach-o.h: Don't include sysdep.h.
2012-05-18 Nick Clifton <>
PR 14072
* bfd-in.h: Check for PACKAGE or PACKAGE_VERSION before
complaining about config.h not having been included.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
2012-05-18 Andreas Schwab <>
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2012-05-17 Daniel Richard G. <>
Nick Clifton <>
PR 14072
* Add check that sysdep.h has been included before
any system header files.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* bfd-in.h: Generate an error if included before config.h.
* sysdep.h: Likewise.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* compress.c: Remove #include "config.h".
* plugin.c: Likewise.
* elf32-m68hc1x.c: Include sysdep.h before alloca-conf.h.
* elf64-hppa.c: Likewise.
* som.c: Likewise.
* xsymc.c: Likewise.
2012-05-17 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
Alan Modra <>
* elf.c (ignore_section_sym): Correct comment. Don't return
true for absolute section.
(elf_map_symbols): Move stray comment. Adjust for above change.
Don't discard global section symbols.
2012-05-17 Alan Modra <>
* elf32-ppc.c (ppc_elf_finish_dynamic_symbol): Don't make _DYNAMIC,
* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_finish_dynamic_symbol): Don't make _DYNAMIC
2012-05-17 Alan Modra <>
* elf32-ppc.c (has_tls_reloc, has_tls_get_addr_call, has_vle_insns,
is_ppc_vle): Move to..
* elf32-ppc.h:, making is_ppc_vle a macro.
2012-05-16 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
* bfd-in.h (bfd_get_section_name, bfd_get_section_vma,
bfd_get_section_lma, bfd_get_section_alignment,
bfd_get_section_flags, bfd_get_section_userdata): Rewrite macros
in order to use the `bfd' argument.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* elf-vxworks.c (elf_vxworks_finish_dynamic_entry): Pass proper `bfd'
as the first argument for `bfd_get_section_alignment'.
* elf32-arm.c (create_ifunc_sections): Likewise, for
* elf32-m32r.c (m32r_elf_relocate_section): Likewise, for
* elf32-microblaze.c (microblaze_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-ppc.c (ppc_elf_size_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
(ppc_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf64-mmix.c (mmix_final_link_relocate): Likewise, for
* elf64-ppc.c (create_linkage_sections): Likewise, for
2012-05-16 Georg-Johann Lay <>
PR target/13503
* reloc.c: Rename BFD_RELOC_AVR_8_HHI to BFD_RELOC_AVR_8_HLO.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* libbfd.h: Regenrate.
* elf32-avr.c (elf_avr_howto_table): Rename R_AVR_8_HHI8 to
(avr_reloc_map): Likewise.
2012-05-16 Daniel Richard G. <>
PR binutils/13558
* bfd/aout-cris.c: Include sysdep.h before bfd.h.
* bfd/aout-ns32k.c: Likewise.
* bfd/aout-sparcle.c: Likewise.
* bfd/aout0.c: Likewise.
* bfd/bfd-in2.h: Likewise.
* bfd/coff-stgo32.c: Likewise.
* bfd/cpu-lm32.c: Likewise.
* bfd/cpu-microblaze.c: Likewise.
* bfd/cpu-score.c: Likewise.
* bfd/cpu-tilegx.c: Likewise.
* bfd/cpu-tilepro.c: Likewise.
* bfd/elf32-lm32.c: Likewise.
* bfd/elf32-microblaze.c: Likewise.
* bfd/elf32-score7.c: Likewise.
* bfd/elf32-tilepro.c: Likewise.
* bfd/elfxx-tilegx.c: Likewise.
* bfd/mach-o.h: Likewise.
* bfd/nlm32-ppc.c: Likewise.
* bfd/ns32knetbsd.c: Likewise.
* bfd/pef.h: Likewise.
* bfd/plugin.c: Likewise.
* bfd/stab-syms.c: Likewise.
* bfd/sunos.c: Likewise.
* bfd/syms.c: Likewise.
* bfd/xsym.h: Likewise.
2012-05-16 Alan Modra <>
* elflink.c: Rename flaginfo to flinfo throughout, except..
(bfd_elf_lookup_section_flags):, rename finfo to flaginfo.
Formatting, style. Simplify flag match.
2012-05-16 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf2.c: Formatting.
(arange_add): Pass in unit rather than bfd. Update callers.
Ignore empty ranges. Don't ask for cleared memory.
(parse_comp_unit): Only set unit->base_address if processing
(find_debug_info): Optimise section lookup.
(place_sections): Use bfd_alloc for stash->adjusted_sections.
(find_line): Match previously parsed comp unit addresses as we
do for newly parsed comp units.
2012-05-16 Alan Modra <>
* archive.c (_bfd_generic_read_ar_hdr_mag): Ensure sscanf
stops at end of ar_size field.
2012-05-16 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/13962
PR ld/7023
* elf.c (bfd_section_from_shdr): Fail when .dynsym sh_info is
out of range. As a special case, fix sh_info for zero sh_size.
Do the same for .symtab.
2012-05-15 James Murray <>
Stephane Carrez <>
* archures.c: Add bfd_arch_m9s12x and bfd_arch_m9s12xg.
* config.bfd: Likewise.
* cpu-m9s12x.c: New.
* cpu-m9s12xg.c: New.
* elf32-m68hc12.c: Add S12X and XGATE co-processor support.
Add option to offset S12 addresses into XGATE memory space.
Fix carry bug in IMM16 (IMM8 low/high) relocate.
* (ALL_MACHINES): Add cpu-m9s12x and cpu-m9s12xg.
* reloc.c: Add S12X relocs.
* Regenerate.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* libbfd.h: Regenerate.
2012-05-14 James Lemke <>
Catherine Moore <>
* bfd.c (bfd_lookup_section_flags): Add section parm.
* ecoff.c (bfd_debug_section): Remove flag_info initializer.
* elf-bfd.h (bfd_elf_section_data): Move in section_flag_info.
(bfd_elf_lookup_section_flags): Add section parm.
* elf32-ppc.c (is_ppc_vle): New function.
(ppc_elf_modify_segment_map): New function.
(elf_backend_modify_segment_map): Define.
(has_vle_insns): New define.
* elf32-ppc.h (ppc_elf_modify_segment_map): Declare.
* elflink.c (bfd_elf_lookup_section_flags): Add return value & parm.
Move in logic to omit / include a section.
* libbfd-in.h (bfd_link_info): Add section parm.
(bfd_generic_lookup_section_flags): Likewise.
* reloc.c (bfd_generic_lookup_section_flags): Likewise.
* section.c (bfd_section): Move out section_flag_info.
(BFD_FAKE_SECTION): Remove flag_info initializer.
* targets.c (_bfd_lookup_section_flags): Add section parm.
2012-05-14 Catherine Moore <>
* archures.c (bfd_mach_ppc_vle): New.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerated.
* cpu-powerpc.c (bfd_powerpc_archs): New entry for vle.
* elf32-ppc.c (split16_format_type): New enumeration.
(ppc_elf_vle_split16): New function.
(HOWTO): Add entries for R_PPC_VLE relocations.
(ppc_elf_reloc_type_lookup): Handle PPC_VLE relocations.
(ppc_elf_section_flags): New function.
(ppc_elf_lookup_section_flags): New function.
(ppc_elf_section_processing): New function.
(ppc_elf_check_relocs): Handle PPC_VLE relocations.
(ppc_elf_relocation_section): Likewise.
(elf_backend_lookup_section_flags_hook): Define.
(elf_backend_section_flags): Define.
(elf_backend_section_processing): Define.
* elf32-ppc.h (ppc_elf_section_processing): Declare.
* libbfd.h: Regenerated.
BFD_RELOC_PPC_VLE_SDAREL_HA16D): New bfd relocations.
2012-05-11 Georg-Johann Lay <>
PR target/13503
* reloc.c: Add new ENUM for BFD_RELOC_AVR_8_LO,
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* libbfd.h: Regenrate.
* elf32-avr.c (elf_avr_howto_table): Add entries for
R_AVR_8_LO8, R_AVR_8_HI8, R_AVR_8_HHI8.
(avr_reloc_map): Add RELOC mappings for R_AVR_8_LO8, R_AVR_8_HI8,
2012-05-10 H.J. Lu <>
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_relocate_section): Use int in x32
addend overflow check.
2012-05-10 DJ Delorie <>
* elf32-rx.c (rx_elf_object_p): Ignore empty segments.
2012-05-10 H.J. Lu <>
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_relocate_section): Display signed
hex number in x32 addend overflow check.
2012-05-10 H.J. Lu <>
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_reloc_type_class): Handle
2012-05-09 H.J. Lu <>
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_relocate_section): Check addend
overflow for R_X86_64_RELATIVE64.
2012-05-08 Ben Cheng <>
* elf.c: Preserve the original p_align and p_flags if they are
2012-05-07 Alan Modra <>
* elf64-ia64-vms.c (elf64_ia64_relocate_section): Update
2012-05-07 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* elf-bfd.h (RELOC_AGAINST_DISCARDED_SECTION): Declare and use
local variable i_ instead of assuming and using a variable i.
2012-05-07 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* elf-bfd.h (RELOC_AGAINST_DISCARDED_SECTION): Handle compound
* elfxx-mips.c (mips_reloc_against_discarded_section): New
(_bfd_mips_elf_relocate_section): Call it, in place of
* elf-m10200.c (mn10200_elf_relocate_section): Update arguments
* elf-m10300.c (mn10300_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-arm.c (elf32_arm_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-avr.c (elf32_avr_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-bfin.c (bfin_relocate_section): Likewise.
(bfinfdpic_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-cr16.c (elf32_cr16_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-cr16c.c (elf32_cr16c_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-cris.c (cris_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-crx.c (elf32_crx_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-d10v.c (elf32_d10v_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-epiphany.c (epiphany_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-fr30.c (fr30_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-frv.c (elf32_frv_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-h8300.c (elf32_h8_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-hppa.c (elf32_hppa_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-i370.c (i370_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-i860.c (elf32_i860_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-ip2k.c (ip2k_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-iq2000.c (iq2000_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-lm32.c (lm32_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-m32c.c (m32c_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-m32r.c (m32r_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-m68hc1x.c (elf32_m68hc11_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-m68k.c (elf_m68k_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-mcore.c (mcore_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-mep.c (mep_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-moxie.c (moxie_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-msp430.c (elf32_msp430_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-mt.c (mt_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-openrisc.c (openrisc_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-ppc.c (ppc_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-rl78.c (rl78_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-rx.c (rx_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-s390.c (elf_s390_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-score.c (s3_bfd_score_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-score7.c (s7_bfd_score_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-sh.c (sh_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-spu.c (spu_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-tic6x.c (elf32_tic6x_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-tilepro.c (tilepro_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-v850.c (v850_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-vax.c (elf_vax_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-xc16x.c (elf32_xc16x_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-xstormy16.c (xstormy16_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf32-xtensa.c (elf_xtensa_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf64-alpha.c (elf64_alpha_relocate_section_r): Likewise.
(elf64_alpha_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf64-hppa.c (elf64_hppa_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf64-mmix.c (mmix_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf64-s390.c (elf_s390_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf64-sh64.c (sh_elf64_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elfnn-ia64.c (elfNN_ia64_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elfxx-sparc.c (_bfd_sparc_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
* elfxx-tilegx.c (tilegx_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
2012-05-05 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/14052
PR ld/13621
* linker.c (_bfd_nearby_section): Revert 2012-02-13 change.
2012-05-05 Alan Modra <>
* aout-arm.c: Replace all uses of bfd_abs_section, bfd_com_section,
bfd_und_section and bfd_ind_section with their _ptr variants, or
use corresponding bfd_is_* macros.
* aout-ns32k.c: Likewise.
* aout-tic30.c: Likewise.
* coff-arm.c: Likewise.
* coff-tic54x.c: Likewise.
* cpu-ns32k.c: Likewise.
* elf-attrs.c: Likewise.
* elfcode.h: Likewise.
* peicode.h: Likewise.
* reloc.c: Likewise.
* riscix.c: Likewise.
* versados.c: Likewise.
* section.c: Likewise.
(bfd_abs_section, bfd_ind_section, bfd_com_section,
bfd_ind_section): Delete.
(std_section): New array replacing above.
(bfd_abs_section_ptr, bfd_ind_section_ptr, bfd_com_section_ptr,
bfd_ind_section_ptr, STD_SECTION): Update.
(BFD_FAKE_SECTION, GLOBAL_SYM_INIT): Remove unnecessary casts.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
2012-05-03 Sean Keys <>
* cpu-xgate.c: New file. Added XGATE support.
* archures.c (bfd_architecture): Add XGATE architecture.
(bfd_archures_list): Add reference to XGATE architecture info.
* elf-bfd.h (prep_headers): Handle bfd_arch_xgate.
* reloc.c: Add various XGATE relocation enums.
* targets.c (bfd_elf32_xgate_vec): Declare and add to target vector
* Add support for XGATE elf.
* Ditto.
* config.bfd: Ditto.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Ditto.
* bfd-in2.h: Ditto.
* libbfd.h: Ditto.
Added files for XGATE relocations.
* elf32-xgate.c: Created minimal relocation file.
* elf32-xgate.h: Created minimal header file for elf32-xgate.
2012-05-03 Tristan Gingold <>
* dwarf2.c (decode_line_info): Ignore
2012-05-01 Nick Clifton <>
PR binutils/13121
* aoutx.h: Rename 'finfo' to 'flaginfo' to avoid conflicts with
AIX system headers.
* coff-ppc.c: Likewise.
* cofflink.c: Likewise.
* elf32-arm.c: Likewise.
* elf64-sparc.c: Likewise.
* elflink.c: Likewise.
* pdp11.c: Likewise.
* rescoff.c: Likewise.
2012-04-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* dwarf2.c (scan_unit_for_symbols): Account for DW_AT_high_pc
possibly being relative to DW_AT_low_pc.
(parse_comp_unit): Likewise.
2012-04-26 Andreas Schwab <>
* elf32-m68k.c (elf_m68k_check_relocs): Mark non-GOT references
also when generating PIE.
(elf_m68k_discard_copies): Mark undefined weak symbols referenced
by relocations as dynamic.
2012-04-26 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
Provide a way for programs to recognize BFD_ASSERT calls.
* bfd.c (bfd_assert_handler_type): New API type.
(bfd_set_assert_handler, bfd_get_assert_handler): New API functions.
(_bfd_assert_handler): New variable.
(_bfd_default_assert_handler): New function.
(bfd_assert): Call _bfd_assert_handler, not _bfd_error_handler.
* libbfd-in.h (_bfd_assert_handler): Declare.
* libbfd.h, bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
2012-04-24 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
PR ld/13990
* elf32-arm.c (elf32_arm_gc_sweep_hook): Handle a forced-local
symbol, where PLT refcount is set to -1.
2012-04-24 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/13991
* elf-bfd.h (_bfd_elf_link_just_syms): Define as
* elflink.c (_bfd_elf_link_just_syms): Delete.
* linker.c (_bfd_generic_link_just_syms): Set sec_info_type.
* bfd-in.h (discarded_section): Renamed from elf_discarded_section.
SEC_INFO_TYPE_JUST_SYMS): Renamed from corresponding ELF_INFO_TYPE.
* elf-eh-frame.c, * elf-m10200.c, * elf-m10300.c,
* elf.c, * elf32-arm.c, * elf32-avr.c, * elf32-bfin.c,
* elf32-cr16.c, * elf32-cr16c.c, * elf32-cris.c,
* elf32-crx.c, * elf32-d10v.c, * elf32-epiphany.c,
* elf32-fr30.c, * elf32-frv.c, * elf32-h8300.c,
* elf32-hppa.c, * elf32-i370.c, * elf32-i386.c,
* elf32-i860.c, * elf32-ip2k.c, * elf32-iq2000.c,
* elf32-lm32.c, * elf32-m32c.c, * elf32-m32r.c,
* elf32-m68hc1x.c, * elf32-m68k.c, * elf32-mcore.c,
* elf32-mep.c, * elf32-moxie.c, * elf32-msp430.c,
* elf32-mt.c, * elf32-openrisc.c, * elf32-ppc.c,
* elf32-rl78.c, * elf32-rx.c, * elf32-s390.c,
* elf32-score.c, * elf32-score7.c, * elf32-sh.c,
* elf32-spu.c, * elf32-tic6x.c, * elf32-tilepro.c,
* elf32-v850.c, * elf32-vax.c, * elf32-xc16x.c,
* elf32-xstormy16.c, * elf32-xtensa.c, * elf64-alpha.c,
* elf64-hppa.c, * elf64-ia64-vms.c, * elf64-mmix.c,
* elf64-ppc.c, * elf64-s390.c, * elf64-sh64.c,
* elf64-x86-64.c, * elflink.c, * elfnn-ia64.c,
* elfxx-mips.c, * elfxx-sparc.c, * elfxx-tilegx.c,
* reloc.c: Update all references.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
2012-04-20 Andreas Krebbel <>
* elf32-s390.c (ELF_DYNAMIC_INTERPRETER): Set to the GCC default.
* elf64-s390.c (ELF_DYNAMIC_INTERPRETER): Set to the GCC default.
2012-04-19 Thomas Schwinge <>
* elf32-sh.c (elf_sh_link_hash_entry): Specify an enum identifier for
(allocate_dynrelocs, sh_elf_relocate_section, sh_elf_check_relocs): Use
2012-04-17 Kaz Kojima <>
* elf32-sh.c (allocate_dynrelocs): Don't allocate dynamic
relocations when LE conversion happens on the IE tls symbol.
2012-04-17 Roland McGrath <>
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_nacl_plt0_entry): Fix nop padding
so that 32-byte boundary is a proper instruction boundary.
2012-04-17 Tristan Gingold <>
* vms-lib.c (_bfd_vms_lib_get_module): Append .obj extension to
member of an object archive.<
2012-04-17 Tristan Gingold <>
* vms-lib.c (MAX_EKEYLEN): Define.
(MAX_KEYLEN): Fix value.
(vms_write_index): Add comments and fix indentation.
Adjust comparaison. Add assertions. Free kbn_blk.
(_bfd_vms_lib_write_archive_contents): Use MAX_EKEYLEN.
Compense MAX_KEYLEN adjustment.
2012-04-16 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* elfxx-mips.c (mips16_stub_symndx): Handle n64 compound relocs.
(_bfd_mips_elf_check_relocs): Update accordingly.
2012-04-13 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/13947
* elflink.c (bfd_elf_final_link): Set reloc_count to 0 for
reloc sections.
2012-04-12 David S. Miller <>
* libbfd.h: Regenerate.
* bfd-in2.h: Likewise.
* elfxx-sparc.c (sparc_elf_wdisp10_reloc): New function.
(_bfd_sparc_elf_howto_table): Add entries for R_SPARC_H34,
(_bfd_sparc_elf_reloc_type_lookup): Handle new relocs.
(_bfd_sparc_elf_check_relocs): Likewise.
(_bfd_sparc_elf_gc_sweep_hook): Likewise.
(_bfd_sparc_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
2012-04-12 Roland McGrath <>
* elf32-arm.c (elf32_arm_nacl_plt0_entry, elf32_arm_nacl_plt_entry):
New variables.
(struct elf32_arm_link_hash_table): New member `nacl_p'.
(elf32_arm_link_hash_table_create): Initialize it.
(elf32_arm_nacl_link_hash_table_create): New function.
(arm_movw_immediate, arm_movt_immediate): New functions.
(elf32_arm_populate_plt_entry): Test HTAB->nacl_p.
(elf32_arm_finish_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
(elf32_arm_output_plt_map_1): Likewise.
(bfd_elf32_littlearm_nacl_vec, bfd_elf32_bigarm_nacl_vec):
New backend vector stanza.
(elf32_arm_nacl_modify_segment_map): New function.
* config.bfd: Handle arm-*-nacl*, armeb-*-nacl*.
* targets.c: Support bfd_elf32_{big,little}_nacl_vec.
* Likewise.
(bfd_elf32_bigarm_nacl_vec): Add elf-nacl.lo here.
(bfd_elf32_littlearm_nacl_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf32_bigarm_vec, bfd_elf32_littlearm_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf32_bigarm_symbian_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf32_littlearm_symbian_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf32_bigarm_vxworks_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf32_littlearm_vxworks_vec): Likewise.
* configure: Regenerated.
2012-04-12 Tristan Gingold <>
* elflink.c (elf_link_output_extsym): Add a guard.
(bfd_elf_final_link): Remove assertion.
(bfd_elf_final_link): Add a guard.
* elfnn-ia64.c (INCLUDE_IA64_VMS): Removed.
(elfNN_vms_section_from_shdr, elfNN_vms_object_p)
(elfNN_vms_post_process_headers, elfNN_vms_section_processing)
(elfNN_vms_final_write_processing, elfNN_vms_close_and_cleanup):
(elfNN-ia64-vms target): Move to ...
* elf64-ia64-vms.c: New file.
* (bfd_elf64_ia64_vms_vec): Add elf64-ia64-vms.lo
* (BFD64_BACKENDS): Add elf64-ia64-vms.lo.
(BFD64_BACKENDS_CFILES): Ad elf64-ia64-vms.c.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2012-04-11 Nick Clifton <>
PR binutils/13897
* elf64-ppc.c (opd_entry_value): When dealing with sections
without relocs, keep the last section loaded in order to avoid
unnecessary reloads.
2012-04-09 Roland McGrath <>
* elf.c (_bfd_elf_map_sections_to_segments): Set INFO->user_phdrs.
* elf-nacl.c (nacl_modify_segment_map): Do nothing if INFO->user_phdrs.
(nacl_modify_program_headers): Likewise.
2012-04-03 Roland McGrath <>
* elf-nacl.c: New file.
* elf-nacl.h: New file.
* elf32-i386.c (elf_backend_modify_segment_map): Define for
(elf_backend_modify_program_headers): Likewise.
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_backend_modify_segment_map): Define for
bfd_elf64_x86_64_nacl_vec and bfd_elf32_x86_64_nacl_vec.
(elf_backend_modify_program_headers): Likewise.
* (BFD32_BACKENDS, BFD64_BACKENDS): Add elf-nacl.lo here.
* Regenerated.
* (bfd_elf64_x86_64_nacl_vec): Add elf-nacl.o to tb here.
(bfd_elf32_x86_64_nacl_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf64_x86_64_vec, bfd_elf32_x86_64_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf64_x86_64_freebsd_vec, bfd_elf64_x86_64_sol2_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf64_l1om_vec, bfd_elf64_l1om_freebsd_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf64_k1om_vec, bfd_elf64_k1om_freebsd_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf32_i386_nacl_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf32_i386_sol2_vec, bfd_elf32_i386_freebsd_vec): Likewise.
(bfd_elf32_i386_vxworks_vec, bfd_elf32_i386_vec): Likewise.
* configure: Regenerated.
2012-03-31 Andreas Schwab <>
* elf32-m68k.c (elf_m68k_relocate_section): Allow
R_68K_TLS_LE{8,16,32} for PIE.
2012-03-30 Andreas Krebbel <>
* elf64-s390.c: Fix several comments regarding PLT entry
* elf32-s390.c: Likewise.
2012-03-30 Andreas Krebbel <>
* elf64-s390.c: Use the section pointer shortcuts in
elf_link_hash_table and remove them from the target specific
* elf32-s390.c: Likewise.
2012-03-30 Andreas Krebbel <>
* elf64-s390.c (elf_s390x_plt_entry, elf_s390x_first_plt_entry):
New definitions.
(elf_s390_finish_dynamic_symbol): Use memcpy instead of bfd_put_32.
(elf_s390_finish_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
* elf32-s390.c (elf_s390_plt_entry, elf_s390_plt_pic_entry)
(elf_s390_plt_pic12_entry, elf_s390_plt_pic16_entry)
(elf_s390_plt_first_entry, elf_s390_plt_pic_first_entry): New definitions.
2012-03-30 Andreas Krebbel <>
* elf32-s390.c (struct elf_s390_dyn_relocs): Remove.
Rename all occurrences in the file to elf_dyn_relocs.
* elf64-s390.c: Likewise.
2012-03-30 Alan Modra <>
* elflink.c (_bfd_elf_gc_mark_reloc): Don't delve into dynamic
2012-03-29 Alan Modra <>
* bfd-in.h (bfd_get_arch_size, bfd_get_sign_extend_vma): Delete.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
2012-03-23 Alan Modra <>
* elf.c (assign_file_positions_for_non_load_sections): Don't warn
on empty alloc sections.
2012-03-23 Alan Modra <>
* linker.c (_bfd_nearby_section): New function, split out from..
* bfd-in.h (_bfd_nearby_section): Declare.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* elflink.c (elf_link_input_bfd): Don't use text_index_section or
data_index_section with ld -q or ld -r output relocs against
stripped output sections. Instead use _bfd_nearby_section.
2012-03-23 Alan Modra <>
PR binutils/13894
* elf64-ppc.c (opd_entry_value): Read full symbol table when
sym hashes unavailable.
2012-03-21 Eliot Dresselhaus <>
* elf32-tic6x.c (elf32_tic6x_merge_private_bfd_data): Return TRUE
for non-C6X objects.
2012-03-20 Kai Tietz <>
PR ld/12742
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Test for windows.h and dlfcn.h.
* plugin.c: Guard include of dlfcn.h if HAVE_DLFCN_H is defined.
Add windows.h header include if HAVE_WINDOWS_H is defined.
(dlerror): New static function if windows variant is used instead
of dlfcn.h.
(dlclose): Likewise.
(dlopen): Likewise.
(dlsym): Likewise.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
2012-03-20 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/13880
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_relocate_section): Don't issue an error
for R_386_GOTOFF relocation against protected function if
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_relocate_section): Don't issue an
error for R_X86_64_GOTOFF64 relocation against protected function
when building executable or SYMBOLIC_BIND is true.
2012-03-16 Roland McGrath <>
* config.bfd: Handle x86_64-*-nacl*.
* elf64-x86-64.c (bfd_elf64_x86_64_nacl_vec): New backend vector stanza.
(bfd_elf32_x86_64_nacl_vec): Likewise.
* targets.c: Support them.
* Likewise.
* configure: Regenerated.
2012-03-16 Matthew Gretton-Dann <>
* elf32-arm.c (elf32_arm_attributes_accept_div): New function.
(elf32_arm_attributes_forbid_div): Likewise.
(elf32_arm_merge_eabi_attributes): Correct handling of
2012-03-15 Roland McGrath <>
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_create_dynamic_sections): Use
elf_x86_64_backend_data parameters for plt_eh_frame.
* elf64-x86-64.c (struct elf_x86_64_backend_data): New type.
(get_elf_x86_64_backend_data, GET_PLT_ENTRY_SIZE): New macros.
(elf_x86_64_arch_bed): New variable.
(elf_backend_arch_data): New macro.
(elf_x86_64_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Use GET_PLT_ENTRY_SIZE.
(elf_x86_64_allocate_dynrelocs): Likewise.
(elf_x86_64_relocate_section): Likewise.
(elf_x86_64_plt_sym_val): Likewise.
(elf_x86_64_finish_dynamic_symbol): Use elf_x86_64_backend_data
parameters for PLT details.
(elf_x86_64_finish_dynamic_sections): Likewise.
2012-03-14 Roland McGrath <>
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_nacl_pic_plt0_entry): Initialize up
to the full size, padding out with nop instructions.
2012-03-12 Alan Modra <>
* elf-m10300.c (_bfd_mn10300_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Don't warn
on zero size dynbss symbol.
* elf32-arm.c (elf32_arm_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-cr16.c (_bfd_cr16_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-cris.c (elf_cris_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-hppa.c (elf32_hppa_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-i370.c (i370_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-lm32.c (lm32_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-m32r.c (m32r_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-m68k.c (elf_m68k_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-ppc.c (ppc_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-s390.c (elf_s390_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-sh.c (sh_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-tic6x.c (elf32_tic6x_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-tilepro.c (tilepro_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf32-vax.c (elf_vax_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf64-s390.c (elf_s390_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf64-sh64.c (sh64_elf64_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elfxx-sparc.c (_bfd_sparc_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
* elfxx-tilegx.c (tilegx_elf_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
2012-03-10 Edmar Wienskoski <>
* archures.c: Add bfd_mach_ppc_e5500 and bfd_mach_ppc_e6500.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* cpu-powerpc.c (bfd_powerpc_archs): Add entries for
bfd_mach_ppc_e5500 and bfd_mach_ppc_e6500.
2012-03-09 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/13817
* elf32-i386.c (elf_i386_relocate_section): Restore
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_relocate_section): Restore
2012-03-08 Tristan Gingold <>
* vms-lib.c (_bfd_vms_lib_write_archive_contents): Set maximum
keylen according to archive kind. Set nextvbn and nextrfa lhd
fields. Add comments.
2012-03-07 Nick Clifton <>
* elf-m10300.c (elf32_mn10300_link_hash_entry): Add tls_type
(elf32_mn10300_link_hash_table): Add tls_ldm_got entry;
(elf_mn10300_tdata): Define.
(elf_mn10300_local_got_tls_type): Define.
(elf_mn10300_howto_table): Add entries for R_MN10300_TLS_GD,
R_MN10300_TLS_LD, R_MN10300_TLS_LDO, R_MN10300_TLS_GOTIE,
R_MN10300_TLS_IE, R_MN10300_TLS_LE, R_MN10300_TLS_DPTMOD,
R_MN10300_TLS_DTPOFF, R_MN10300_TLS_TPOFF relocs.
(mn10300_reloc_map): Likewise.
(elf_mn10300_tls_transition): New function.
(dtpoff, tpoff, mn10300_do_tls_transition): New functions.
(mn10300_elf_check_relocs): Add TLS support.
(mn10300_elf_final_link_relocate): Likewise.
(mn10300_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
(mn10300_elf_relax_section): Likewise.
(elf32_mn10300_link_hash_newfunc): Initialise new field.
(_bfd_mn10300_copy_indirect_symbol): New function.
(elf32_mn10300_link_hash_table_create): Initialise new fields.
(_bfd_mn10300_elf_size_dynamic_sections): Add TLS support.
(_bfd_mn10300_elf_finish_dynamic_symbol): Likewise.
(_bfd_mn10300_elf_reloc_type_class): Allocate an
elf_mn10300_obj_tdata structure.
(elf_backend_copy_indirect_symbol): Define.
* reloc.c (BFD_MN10300_TLS_GD, BFD_MN10300_TLS_LD,
BFD_MN10300_TLS_DTPOFF, BFD_MN10300_TLS_TPOFF): New relocations.
(BFD_RELOC_MN10300_32_PCREL, BFD_RELOC_MN10300_16_PCREL): Move to
alongside other MN10300 relocations.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* libbfd.h: Regenerate.
2012-03-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_relocate_section): For R_X86_64_RELATIVE
set relocate to TRUE.
2012-03-05 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
PR ld/12152
* elfxx-sparc.c (_bfd_sparc_elf_relocate_section): Also ignore
overflows for R_SPARC_UA32 in .stab sections.
2012-03-01 Alan Modra <>
* elfxx-tilegx.c (tilegx_elf_relocate_section): Silence bogus warning.
2012-02-27 Alan Modra <>
* elf32-sh.c (sh_elf_osec_to_segment): Check for elf flavour bfd
before calling elf specific function.
(sh_elf_osec_readonly_p): Test for error return from above.
2012-02-27 Alan Modra <>
* elf32-spu.c (build_stub): Fix malloc under-allocation.
2012-02-25 Walter Lee <>
* elf32-tilepro.c (tilepro_elf_howto_table): Update tilepro
(tilepro_reloc_map): Ditto.
(tilepro_info_to_howto_rela): Ditto.
(reloc_to_create_func): Ditto.
(tilepro_tls_translate_to_le): New.
(tilepro_tls_translate_to_ie): New.
(tilepro_elf_tls_transition): New.
(tilepro_elf_check_relocs): Handle new tls relocations.
(tilepro_elf_gc_sweep_hook): Ditto.
(allocate_dynrelocs): Ditto.
(tilepro_elf_relocate_section): Ditto.
(tilepro_replace_insn): New.
(insn_mask_X1): New.
(insn_mask_X0_no_dest_no_srca): New
(insn_mask_X1_no_dest_no_srca): New
(insn_mask_Y0_no_dest_no_srca): New
(insn_mask_Y1_no_dest_no_srca): New
(srca_mask_X0): New
(srca_mask_X1): New
(insn_tls_le_move_X1): New
(insn_tls_le_move_zero_X0X1): New
(insn_tls_ie_lw_X1): New
(insn_tls_ie_add_X0X1): New
(insn_tls_ie_add_Y0Y1): New
(insn_tls_gd_add_X0X1): New
(insn_tls_gd_add_Y0Y1): New
* elfxx-tilegx.c (tilegx_elf_howto_table): Update tilegx
(tilegx_reloc_map): Ditto.
(tilegx_info_to_howto_rela): Ditto.
(reloc_to_create_func): Ditto.
(tilegx_elf_link_hash_table): New field disable_le_transition.
(tilegx_tls_translate_to_le): New.
(tilegx_tls_translate_to_ie): New.
(tilegx_elf_tls_transition): New.
(tilegx_elf_check_relocs): Handle new tls relocations.
(tilegx_elf_gc_sweep_hook): Ditto.
(allocate_dynrelocs): Ditto.
(tilegx_elf_relocate_section): Ditto.
(tilegx_copy_bits): New.
(tilegx_replace_insn): New.
(insn_mask_X1): New.
(insn_mask_X0_no_dest_no_srca): New.
(insn_mask_X1_no_dest_no_srca): New.
(insn_mask_Y0_no_dest_no_srca): New.
(insn_mask_Y1_no_dest_no_srca): New.
(insn_mask_X0_no_operand): New.
(insn_mask_X1_no_operand): New.
(insn_mask_Y0_no_operand): New.
(insn_mask_Y1_no_operand): New.
(insn_tls_ie_ld_X1): New.
(insn_tls_ie_ld4s_X1): New.
(insn_tls_ie_add_X0X1): New.
(insn_tls_ie_add_Y0Y1): New.
(insn_tls_ie_addx_X0X1): New.
(insn_tls_ie_addx_Y0Y1): New.
(insn_tls_gd_add_X0X1): New.
(insn_tls_gd_add_Y0Y1): New.
(insn_move_X0X1): New.
(insn_move_Y0Y1): New.
(insn_add_X0X1): New.
(insn_add_Y0Y1): New.
(insn_addx_X0X1): New.
(insn_addx_Y0Y1): New.
* libbfd.h: Regenerate.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
2012-02-25 Walter Lee <>
* config.bfd (tilegx-*-*): rename little endian vector; add big
endian vector.
(tilegxbe-*-*): New case.
* (bfd_elf32_tilegx_vec): Rename...
(bfd_elf32_tilegx_le_vec): ... to this.
(bfd_elf32_tilegx_be_vec): New vector.
(bfd_elf64_tilegx_vec): Rename...
(bfd_elf64_tilegx_le_vec): ... to this.
(bfd_elf64_tilegx_be_vec): New vector.
* configure: Regenerate.
* elf32-tilegx.c (TARGET_LITTLE_SYM): Rename.
* elf64-tilegx.c (TARGET_LITTLE_SYM): Rename.
* targets.c (bfd_elf32_tilegx_vec): Rename...
(bfd_elf32_tilegx_le_vec): ... to this.
(bfd_elf32_tilegx_be_vec): Declare.
(bfd_elf64_tilegx_vec): Rename...
(bfd_elf64_tilegx_le_vec): ... to this.
(bfd_elf64_tilegx_be_vec): Declare.
(_bfd_target_vector): Add / rename above vectors.
* arctures.c (bfd_architecture): Define bfd_mach_tilegx32.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
* cpu-tilegx.c (bfd_tilegx32_arch): define.
(bfd_tilegx_arch): link to bfd_tilegx32_arch.
2012-02-24 Nick Clifton <>
PR ld/13730
* reloc.c (bfd_generic_get_relocated_section_contents): Issue an
error message instead of aborting, when an outofrange reloc is
2012-02-23 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_swap_in_non_scattered_reloc): New.
(bfd_mach_o_canonicalize_one_reloc): Swap non-scattered reloc
bit-fields when target and host differ in endian-ness. When
PAIRs are non-scattered find the 'symbol' from the preceding
reloc. Add FIXME re. reloc symbols on section boundaries.
(bfd_mach_o_swap_out_non_scattered_reloc): New.
(bfd_mach_o_write_relocs): Use bfd_mach_o_encode_non_scattered_reloc.
2012-02-17 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o-i386.c (i386_howto_table): Add support for 16 bit
(bfd_mach_o_i386_swap_reloc_in): Handle 16bit sect-diffs.
(bfd_mach_o_i386_swap_reloc_out): Likewise.
2012-02-17 Tristan Gingold <>
* libbfd.h: Regenerated.
* bfd-in2.h: Likewise.
* mach-o-i386.c (i386_howto_table): Include local sectdiff.
(bfd_mach_o_i386_swap_reloc_in): Update for local sectdiff.
(bfd_mach_o_i386_swap_reloc_out): Likewise.
2012-02-17 Andreas Krebbel <>
* elf32-s390.c (elf_s390_relocate_section): Support basr in the
GD->LE and LD->LE optimizations.
2012-02-16 Alan Modra <>
PR binutils/13355
* elf32-rx.c (elf32_rx_relax_section): Correct width check.
2012-02-13 Richard Henderson <>
PR ld/13621
* linker.c (fix_syms): Force symbols outside any section into
2012-02-13 Alan Modra <>
* elf32-m68hc1x.c (elf32_m68hc11_merge_symbol_attribute): New function.
* elf32-m68hc1x.h (elf32_m68hc11_merge_symbol_attribute): Declare.
* elf32-m68hc11.c (elf_backend_merge_symbol_attribute): Define.
* elf32-m68hc12.c (elf_backend_merge_symbol_attribute): Define.
2012-02-11 Jan Kratochvil <>
Nick Clifton <>
* oasys.c (oasys_write_header): Fix compilation warning on zero-sized
2012-02-10 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_build_seg_command): Count zerofill section
vma additions in their logical, rather than physical order.
2012-02-10 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (mach_o_section_name_xlat): Correct eh-frame section
* mach-o-x86-64.c (text_section_names_xlat): New.
(mach_o_x86_64_segsec_names_xlat): New.
(bfd_mach_o_tgt_seg_table): Define to mach_o_x86_64_segsec_names_xlat.
* mach-o-i386.c (text_section_names_xlat): Correct section parameters.
2012-02-10 Tristan Gingold <>
* elfnn-ia64.c (elfNN_vms_object_p): Change comparison operator
to avoid infinite loop. Add comments.
2012-02-09 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/13675
* cpu-i386.c (bfd_arch_i386_fill): Updated to support multi byte
nop instructions.
(bfd_arch_i386_short_nop_fill): New.
(bfd_arch_i386_long_nop_fill): Likewise.
Use bfd_arch_i386_short_nop_fill in 32bit bfd_arch_info
initializers. Use bfd_arch_i386_long_nop_fill on 64bit
bfd_arch_info initializers.
* cpu-k1om.c (bfd_arch_i386_fill): Renamed to ...
(bfd_arch_i386_short_nop_fill): This.
Update bfd_arch_info initializers.
* cpu-l1om.c: Likewise.
2012-02-08 Alan Modra <>
* elflink.c (_bfd_elf_gc_mark_rsec): Mark weakdef syms too.
(_bfd_elf_fix_symbol_flags): When a weakdef is def_regular, clear
the correct h->u.weakdef.
2012-02-07 Alan Modra <>
* elf.c (elf_find_function): Don't use internal_elf_sym.
(_bfd_elf_maybe_function_sym): Likewise. Replace elf_symbol_type
parameter with asymbol.
* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_maybe_function_sym): Likewise.
* elf-bfd.h (_bfd_elf_maybe_function_sym): Update prototype.
(struct elf_backend_data <maybe_function_sym>): Likewise.
2012-02-02 Vidya Praveen (
PR bfd/13410
* elf32-avr.c (elf32_avr_relax_section): Correct the
condition that qualifies the candidates for relaxation.
2012-02-02 Tristan Gingold <>
* bfdio.c (real_fopen): Remove unused vms_modes variable.
2012-02-02 Tristan Gingold <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_read_header): Silent uninitialized
variable warning.
2012-02-02 Tristan Gingold <>
* archive.c (bfd_slurp_armap): Fix thinko in cast.
2012-01-31 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/13616
* archures.c (bfd_arch_info): Add fill.
(bfd_default_arch_struct): Add bfd_arch_default_fill.
(bfd_arch_default_fill): New.
* Set bfd version to 2.22.52.
* configure: Regenerated.
* cpu-alpha.c: Add bfd_arch_default_fill to bfd_arch_info
* cpu-arc.c: Likewise.
* cpu-arm.c: Likewise.
* cpu-avr.c: Likewise.
* cpu-bfin.c: Likewise.
* cpu-cr16.c: Likewise.
* cpu-cr16c.c: Likewise.
* cpu-cris.c: Likewise.
* cpu-crx.c: Likewise.
* cpu-d10v.c: Likewise.
* cpu-d30v.c: Likewise.
* cpu-dlx.c: Likewise.
* cpu-epiphany.c: Likewise.
* cpu-fr30.c: Likewise.
* cpu-frv.c: Likewise.
* cpu-h8300.c: Likewise.
* cpu-h8500.c: Likewise.
* cpu-hppa.c: Likewise.
* cpu-i370.c: Likewise.
* cpu-i860.c: Likewise.
* cpu-i960.c: Likewise.
* cpu-ia64.c: Likewise.
* cpu-ip2k.c: Likewise.
* cpu-iq2000.c: Likewise.
* cpu-lm32.c: Likewise.
* cpu-m10200.c: Likewise.
* cpu-m10300.c: Likewise.
* cpu-m32c.c: Likewise.
* cpu-m32r.c: Likewise.
* cpu-m68hc11.c: Likewise.
* cpu-m68hc12.c: Likewise.
* cpu-m68k.c: Likewise.
* cpu-m88k.c: Likewise.
* cpu-mcore.c: Likewise.
* cpu-mep.c: Likewise.
* cpu-microblaze.c: Likewise.
* cpu-mips.c: Likewise.
* cpu-mmix.c: Likewise.
* cpu-moxie.c: Likewise.
* cpu-msp430.c: Likewise.
* cpu-mt.c: Likewise.
* cpu-ns32k.c: Likewise.
* cpu-openrisc.c: Likewise.
* cpu-or32.c: Likewise.
* cpu-pdp11.c: Likewise.
* cpu-pj.c: Likewise.
* cpu-plugin.c: Likewise.
* cpu-powerpc.c: Likewise.
* cpu-rl78.c: Likewise.
* cpu-rs6000.c: Likewise.
* cpu-rx.c: Likewise.
* cpu-s390.c: Likewise.
* cpu-score.c: Likewise.
* cpu-sh.c: Likewise.
* cpu-sparc.c: Likewise.
* cpu-spu.c: Likewise.
* cpu-tic30.c: Likewise.
* cpu-tic4x.c: Likewise.
* cpu-tic54x.c: Likewise.
* cpu-tic6x.c: Likewise.
* cpu-tic80.c: Likewise.
* cpu-tilegx.c: Likewise.
* cpu-tilepro.c: Likewise.
* cpu-v850.c: Likewise.
* cpu-vax.c: Likewise.
* cpu-w65.c: Likewise.
* cpu-we32k.c: Likewise.
* cpu-xc16x.c: Likewise.
* cpu-xstormy16.c: Likewise.
* cpu-xtensa.c: Likewise.
* cpu-z80.c: Likewise.
* cpu-z8k.c: Likewise.
* cpu-i386.c: Include "libiberty.h".
(bfd_arch_i386_fill): New.
Add bfd_arch_i386_fill to bfd_arch_info initializer.
* cpu-k1om.c: Add bfd_arch_i386_fill to bfd_arch_info initializer.
* cpu-l1om.c: Likewise.
* linker.c (default_data_link_order): Call abfd->arch_info->fill
if fill size is 0.
* bfd-in2.h: Regenerated.
2012-01-27 Michael Eager <>
* elf32-microblaze.c (create_got_section):
Reuse existing section.
2012-01-23 Alan Modra <>
* elf-bfd.h: Formatting.
(struct elf_backend_data): Add "maybe_function_sym".
(_bfd_elf_maybe_function_sym): Declare.
* elfxx-target.h (elf_backend_maybe_function_sym): Define.
(elfNN_bed): Init new field.
* elf.c (elf_find_function): Use maybe_function_sym.
(_bfd_elf_maybe_function_sym): New function.
* elf64-ppc.c (elf_backend_maybe_function_sym): Define.
(ppc64_elf_maybe_function_sym): New function.
2012-01-20 Francois Gouget <>
PR binutils/13534
* archive.c (_bfd_ar_sizepad): New function. Correctly install and
pad the size field in an archive header.
(_bfd_generic_read_ar_hdr_mag): Use the correct type and scan
function for the archive size field.
(bfd_generic_openr_next_archived_file): Likewise.
(do_slurp_coff_armap): Likewise.
(_bfd_write_archive_contents): Likewise.
(_bfd_bsd44_write_ar_hdr): Use the new function.
(bfd_ar_hdr_from_filesystem): Likewise.
(_bfd_write_archive_contents): Likewise.
(bsd_write_armap): Likewise.
(coff_write_armap): Likewise.
* archive64.c (bfd_elf64_archive_write_armap): Likewise.
* bfdio.c (bfd_bread): Use correct type for archive element
* ar.c (open_inarch): Likewise.
(extract_file): Likewise.
* libbfd-in.h (struct areltdata): Use correct types for
parsed_size and extra_size fields.
Prototype _bfd_ar_sizepad function.
* libbfd.h: Regenerate.
2012-01-20 Ulrich Weigand <>
* elf.c (elfcore_write_prpsinfo): Provide unconditionally.
Return NULL if core file generation is unsupported.
(elfcore_write_prstatus): Likewise.
* elf32-arm.c (elf32_arm_nabi_write_core_note): New function.
(elf_backend_write_core_note): Define.
2012-01-19 Tristan Gingold <>
* pef.c: Add a comment.
* xsym.c: Likewise.
2012-01-17 Alan Modra <>
* elf32-ppc.c (ppc_elf_write_core_note <NT_PRPSINFO>): Don't leave
trailing garbage in the note.
* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_write_core_note <NT_PRPSINFO>): Likewise.
2012-01-16 Daniel Green <>
PR ld/13491
* coff-i386.c (coff_i386_rtype_to_howto <R_SECREL32>): Test
h->root.type not h->type.
* coff-x86_64.c (coff_amd64_rtype_to_howto <R_AMD64_SECREL>): Likewise.
2012-01-13 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_build_dysymtab_command): Handle absolute
indirect symbols.
2012-01-13 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_write_relocs): Move computation of relocs file
position from here... to (bfd_mach_o_build_seg_command): Here.
2012-01-12 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_count_indirect_symbols): New.
(bfd_mach_o_build_dysymtab_command): Populate indirect symbol table.
* mach-o.h (bfd_mach_o_asymbol): Move declaration to start of the
file. (bfd_mach_o_section): Add indirect_syms field.
2012-01-11 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_build_seg_command): Separate computation of
vmsize from filesize. Don't compute offsets or file sizes for
zerofill sections.
2012-01-11 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_build_commands): Make the building of each
command type independent.
2012-01-11 Alan Modra <>
* elf64-ppc.c: Define more insns used in plt call stubs.
(ppc64_elf_brtaken_reloc): Assume isa version 2 or above.
(ppc64_elf_relocate_section): Likewise.
(enum ppc_stub_type): Add ppc_stub_plt_call_r2save.
(struct ppc_link_hash_table): Increase size of stub_count array.
Add plt_stub_align and plt_thread_safe.
(plt_stub_size, plt_stub_pad): New functions.
(build_plt_stub): Emit barriers for power7 thread safety. Don't
emit needless save of r2.
(build_tls_get_addr_stub): Adjust params.
(ppc_build_one_stub): Handle ppc_stub_plt_call_r2save and aligning
plt stubs. Adjust build_*plt_stub calls.
(ppc_size_one_stub): Similarly.
(ppc64_elf_size_stubs): Accept plt_thread_safe and plt_stub_align
params. Choose default for plt_thread_safe based on existence of
calls to thread creation functions. Modify plt_call to
plt_call_r2save when no tocsave reloc found. Align tail of stub
(ppc64_elf_build_stubs): Align tail of stub sections. Adjust
output of stub statistics.
(ppc64_elf_relocate_section): Handle ppc_stub_plt_call_r2save.
* elf64-ppc.h (ppc64_elf_size_stubs): Update prototype.
2012-01-10 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/13581
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_relocate_section): Remove ABI_64_P
check on R_X86_64_PCXX.
2012-01-10 Tristan Gingold <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_build_commands): Avoid uninitialized false
2012-01-10 Tristan Gingold <>
* bfdio.c (bfd_tell): Handle nested archives.
(bfd_seek): Ditto.
* cache.c (bfd_cache_lookup_worker): Ditto.
* archive.c (_bfd_get_elt_at_filepos): Remove code dealing with
nested archives.
(bfd_generic_openr_next_archived_file): Likewise.
2012-01-09 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_bfd_copy_private_symbol_data): Implement.
(bfd_mach_o_write_symtab): Remove handling for indirect syms.
(bfd_mach_o_primary_symbol_sort_key): Likewise.
(bfd_mach_o_cf_symbols): Likewise.
(bfd_mach_o_sort_symbol_table): Remove.
(bfd_mach_o_mangle_symbols): Adjust arguments, remove handling
for indirect and dysymtab counts. Do the symbol sorting here.
(bfd_mach_o_build_dysymtab_command): Count the symbol types here.
Make the indirect symbols a TODO.
(bfd_mach_o_build_commands): Adjust call to bfd_mach_o_mangle_symbols.
(bfd_mach_o_make_empty_symbol): Specifically flag unset symbols with
a non-zero value.
(bfd_mach_o_read_symtab_symbol): Record the symbol index.
(bfd_mach_o_read_symtab_symbol): Adjust recording of global status.
* mach-o.h (mach_o_data_struct): Remove indirect and dysymtab entries.
2012-01-06 Nick Clifton <>
PR binutils/13121
* reloc.c (bfd_generic_lookup_section_flags): Rename 'finfo' to
'flaginfo' to avoid conflicts with AIX system headers.
2012-01-06 Tristan Gingold <>
* bfdio.c (bfd_bread): Use arelt_size macro.
2012-01-06 Tristan Gingold <>
* config.bfd (i[3-7]86-*-darwin*): Define targ64_selvecs.
2012-01-05 Nick Clifton <>
PR ld/12161
* elf32-avr.c (elf32_avr_relax_delete_bytes): Read in relocs if
2012-01-05 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix zero registers core files when built by gcc-4.7.
* elf64-x86-64.c (elf_x86_64_write_core_note): Remove variables p and
size. Call elfcore_write_note for the local variables. Remove the
final elfcore_write_note call. Add NOTREACHED comments.
2012-01-04 Tristan Gingold <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_fat_stat_arch_elt): New function.
(bfd_mach_o_generic_stat_arch_elt): Adjust.
2012-01-04 Tristan Gingold <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_fat_member_init): New function.
(bfd_mach_o_openr_next_archived_file): Reindent.
Adjust to call bfd_mach_o_fat_member_init.
(bfd_mach_o_fat_extract): Adjust to call bfd_mach_o_fat_member_init.
2012-01-04 Tristan Gingold <>
* mach-o-x86-64.c (bfd_mach_o_x86_64_swap_reloc_out): Handle
2012-01-04 Tristan Gingold <>
* mach-o.h (bfd_mach_o_fvmlib_command): New structure.
(bfd_mach_o_load_command): Add fvmlib field.
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_read_fvmlib): New function.
(bfd_mach_o_read_command): Handle fvmlib.
2012-01-04 Tristan Gingold <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_convert_architecture): Reindent.
Decode msubtype for ARM.
2012-01-04 Tristan Gingold <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_get_synthetic_symtab): Add comments.
2012-01-04 Tristan Gingold <>
* mach-o.h: Reindent header.
(bfd_mach_o_encryption_info_command): New structure.
(bfd_mach_o_load_command): Add encryption_info field.
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_read_encryption_info): New function.
(bfd_mach_o_read_command): Handle BFD_MACH_O_LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO.
(bfd_mach_o_read_command): Adjust error message.
2012-01-04 Shinichiro Hamaji <>
* dwarf2.c (_bfd_dwarf2_slurp_debug_info): Factor out the part
which reads DWARF2 and stores in stash from find_line.
(find_line) Call _bfd_dwarf2_slurp_debug_info.
* libbfd-in.h (_bfd_dwarf2_slurp_debug_info): Add declaration.
* libbfd.h (_bfd_dwarf2_slurp_debug_info): Regenerate.
* mach-o.c (dsym_subdir): The name of subdir where debug
information may be stored.
(bfd_mach_o_lookup_uuid_command): New. Lookup a load command whose
type is UUID.
(bfd_mach_o_dsym_for_uuid_p): New. Check if the specified BFD is
corresponding to the executable.
(bfd_mach_o_find_dsym): New. Find a debug information BFD in the
specified binary file.
(bfd_mach_o_follow_dsym): New. Find a debug information BFD for
the original BFD.
(bfd_mach_o_find_nearest_line): Check dSYM files for Mach-O
executables, dylibs, and bundles.
(bfd_mach_o_close_and_cleanup): Clean up BFDs for the dSYM file.
* mach-o.h (dsym_bfd): The BFD of the dSYM file.
2012-01-03 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_mangle_symbols): Put in the section index
for stabd symbols.
(bfd_mach_o_primary_symbol_sort_key): Adjust for stabs.
(bfd_mach_o_cf_symbols): Likewise.
2012-01-03 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_mangle_symbols): Correct typo.
2012-01-03 Iain Sandoe <>
* mach-o.c (bfd_mach_o_write_symtab): Fill in the string table index
as the value of an indirect symbol. Keep the string table index in
non-indirect syms for reference.
(bfd_mach_o_write_dysymtab): New.
(bfd_mach_o_primary_symbol_sort_key): New.
(bfd_mach_o_cf_symbols): New.
(bfd_mach_o_sort_symbol_table): New.
(bfd_mach_o_mangle_symbols): Return early if no symbols. Sort symbols.
If we are emitting a dysymtab, process indirect symbols and count the
number of each other kind.
(bfd_mach_o_mangle_sections): New.
(bfd_mach_o_write_contents): Split out some pre-requisite code into
the command builder. Write dysymtab if the command is present.
(bfd_mach_o_count_sections_for_seg): New.
(bfd_mach_o_build_seg_command): New.
(bfd_mach_o_build_dysymtab_command): New.
(bfd_mach_o_build_commands): Reorganize to support the fact that some
commands are optional and should not be emitted if there are no
sections or symbols.
(bfd_mach_o_set_section_contents): Amend comment.
* mach-o.h: Amend and add to comments.
(mach_o_data_struct): Add fields for dysymtab symbols counts and a
pointer to the indirects, when present.
(bfd_mach_o_should_emit_dysymtab): New macro.
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