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  1. 67db7d6 [TestModuleCXX] Use UNSUPPORTED instead of REQUIRES by Jonas Devlieghere · 6 hours ago master
  2. 4ab176e [Instrumentation] Make API logging unconditional by Jonas Devlieghere · 6 hours ago
  3. f6eae1d [lldb-instr] Group RECORD macros by Jonas Devlieghere · 6 hours ago
  4. 28861e0 Move -fcxx-modules to MANDATORY_MODULE_BUILD_CFLAGS (NFC) by Adrian Prantl · 7 hours ago
  5. d66d2de [lldbtest] Remove some accidentally commented out code. by Davide Italiano · 7 hours ago
  6. a3d256a [testsuite] Fix TestUnicodeString to work with Py2 and Py3. by Davide Italiano · 7 hours ago
  7. 11c1b82 [lldb-instr] Don't print REGISTER macro when RECORD is already present by Jonas Devlieghere · 9 hours ago
  8. a53531d Add Facebook Minidump directory streams and options to dump them. by Greg Clayton · 10 hours ago
  9. 2c45436 Revert "minidump: Add ability to attach (breakpad) symbol files to placeholder modules" by Pavel Labath · 18 hours ago
  10. d335c9b Fix vscode tests for python3 by Pavel Labath · 23 hours ago
  11. ada8fb7 [gui] Simplify SourceFileWindowDelegate::WindowDelegateDraw by Pavel Labath · 24 hours ago
  12. c7d4ef7 [lldb-instr] Test that we ignore existing macros. by Jonas Devlieghere · 30 hours ago
  13. cb52658 [lldb-instr] Wrap returns of struct/classes in LLDB_RECORD_RESULT by Jonas Devlieghere · 31 hours ago
  14. c47321f Disable TestModuleCXX.test on Windows by Jonas Devlieghere · 32 hours ago
  15. 5b50514 [lldbtest] Fix some code to be compatible between py2 and py3. by Davide Italiano · 32 hours ago
  16. 25da25d [lldb-instr] Add constructor and move test into lit/tools by Jonas Devlieghere · 33 hours ago
  17. ecf92e1 One more fix while I'm looking at this - remove the by Jason Molenda · 33 hours ago
  18. e759d44 Ah, misunderstood Jonas' feedback - fix this so we'll by Jason Molenda · 34 hours ago
  19. 3090cb0 Clean up an unused variable warning when building this for mac native. by Jason Molenda · 34 hours ago
  20. bb20038 [Python3] Fix to work with py2 and 3. by Davide Italiano · 34 hours ago