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  1. cfa17d3 [Python] Simplify the code. NFCI. by Davide Italiano · 14 hours ago master
  2. 52a32c5 [crashlog] Strip trailing `\n` from check_output return. by Davide Italiano · 15 hours ago
  3. bc853e2 [CodeComplete] Remove obsolete isOutputBinary(). by Sam McCall · 19 hours ago
  4. 5e76e38 [Docs] Add LLDB bots by Jonas Devlieghere · 19 hours ago
  5. 36fa363 [CMake] Emit LLDB.framework.dSYM to avoid potential name collision with driver's lldb.dSYM by Stefan Granitz · 20 hours ago
  6. dc1e501 Clean up docstrings in swig interface files by Pavel Labath · 21 hours ago
  7. 0a78193 [lldb] [test] Mark three more tests flakey/xfail on NetBSD by Michal Gorny · 24 hours ago
  8. 75b5efa [Shell] Simplify Extracting Python Version by Jonas Devlieghere · 35 hours ago
  9. 61fbddd [lldb] Don't filter variable list when doing a lookup by mangled name in SymbolFileDWARF::FindGlobalVariables by Kuba Mracek · 2 days ago
  10. 9dd519b [Cmake] Add missing dependency for running tests. by Davide Italiano · 2 days ago
  11. d226b70 [crashlog] Use the right path for dsymforUUID and remove an unnecessary import. by Davide Italiano · 2 days ago
  12. 0474b0e [CMake] Remove Apple-specific version logic. by Frederic Riss · 2 days ago
  13. a892d30 Clear the output string passed to GetHostName() by Aaron Smith · 2 days ago
  14. 0068a35 [tools] Only build lldb-test when needed. by Davide Italiano · 3 days ago
  15. febbff5 [Process] Fix linux arm64 single step compilation failure by Alex Langford · 3 days ago
  16. 9fa6603 [tools] Make vscode and lldb-instr optional. by Davide Italiano · 3 days ago
  17. 15fd2e2 [debugserver] Relax the codesigning identity check by Frederic Riss · 3 days ago
  18. d736978 Fix symtab-macho.test broken by r358500 by Pavel Labath · 3 days ago
  19. c0a5752 Breakpad: Match the new UUID algorithm in minidumps by Pavel Labath · 3 days ago
  20. 0db7b43 test/PECOFF: Remove REQUIRES: system-windows by Pavel Labath · 3 days ago