[libFuzzer] Use octal instead of hex escape sequences in PrintASCII

Previously, PrintASCII would print the string "\ta" as "\x09a". However,
in C/C++ those strings are not the same: the trailing 'a' is part of the
escape sequence, which means it's equivalent to "\x9a". This is an
annoying quirk of the standard. (See

To fix this, output three-digit octal escape sequences instead. Since
octal escapes are limited to max three digits, this avoids the problem
of subsequent characters unintentionally becoming part of the escape

Dictionary files still use the non-C-compatible hex escapes, but I
believe we can't change the format since it comes from AFL, and
libfuzzer never writes such files, it only has to read them, so they're
not affected by this change.

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D110920

GitOrigin-RevId: c7bd6435993ffbe0fbd1a06c2ba6fb55575edbe1
4 files changed