[libc++] Avoid using timespec when it might not be available

The type timespec is unconditionally used in __threading_support.
Since the C library is only required to provide it in C11, this might
cause problems for platforms with external thread porting layer (i.e.
when _LIBCPP_HAS_THREAD_API_EXTERNAL is defined) with pre-C11
C libraries.

In our downstream port of libc++ we used to provide a definition of
timespec in __external_threading, but this solution is not ideal
because timespec is not a reserved name.

This patch renames timespec into __libcpp_timespec_t in the
thread-related parts of libc++. For all cases except external
threading this type is an alias for ::timespec (and no functional
changes are intended).

In case of external threading it is expected that the
__external_threading header will either provide a similar typedef (if
timespec is available in the vendor's C library) or provide a
definition of __libcpp_timespec_t compatible with POSIX timespec.

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