Stop tracking atexit/__cxa_atexit/pthread_atfork allocations in LSan/NetBSD

The atexit(3) and __cxa_atexit() calls allocate internally memory and free on exit,
after executing all callback. This causes false positives as DoLeakCheck() is called
from the atexit handler. In the LSan/ASan tests there are strict checks triggering
false positives here.

Intercept all atexit(3) and __cxa_atexit() calls and disable LSan when calling the
real functions.

Stop tracing allocations in pthread_atfork(3) funtions, as there are performed
internal allocations that are not freed for the time of running StopTheWorld()
code. This avoids false-positives.

The same changes have to be replicated in the ASan and LSan runtime.

Non-NetBSD OSs are not tested and this code is restricted to NetBSD only.

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