[scudo][standalone] Correct releaseToOS behavior

There was an issue in `releaseToOSMaybe`: one of the criteria to
decide if we should proceed with the release was wrong. Namely:

const uptr N = Sci->Stats.PoppedBlocks - Sci->Stats.PushedBlocks;
if (N * BlockSize < PageSize)
  return; // No chance to release anything.

I meant to check if the amount of bytes in the free list was lower
than a page, but this actually checks if the amount of **in use** bytes
was lower than a page.

The correct code is:

const uptr BytesInFreeList =
  Region->AllocatedUser -
  (Region->Stats.PoppedBlocks - Region->Stats.PushedBlocks) * BlockSize;
if (BytesInFreeList < PageSize)
  return 0; // No chance to release anything.

Consequences of the bug:
- if a class size has less than a page worth of in-use bytes (allocated
  or in a cache), reclaiming would not occur, whatever the amount of
  blocks in the free list; in real world scenarios this is unlikely to
  happen and be impactful;
- if a class size had less than a page worth of free bytes (and enough
  in-use bytes, etc), then reclaiming would be attempted, with likely
  no result. This means the reclaiming was overzealous at times.

I didn't have a good way to test for this, so I changed the prototype
of the function to return the number of bytes released, allowing to
get the information needed. The test added fails with the initial

Another issue is that `ReleaseToOsInterval` can actually be 0, meaning
we always try to release (side note: it's terrible for performances).
so change a `> 0` check to `>= 0`.

Additionally, decrease the `CanRelease` threshold to `PageSize / 32`.
I still have to make that configurable but I will do it at another time.

Finally, rename some variables in `printStats`: I feel like "available"
was too ambiguous, so change it to "total".

Reviewers: morehouse, hctim, eugenis, vitalybuka, cferris

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