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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -emit-llvm -o - -triple i386-linux-gnu %s | FileCheck %s
// This checks that the global won't be marked as common.
// (It shouldn't because it's being initialized).
int a;
int a = 242;
// CHECK: @a = global i32 242
// This should get normal weak linkage.
int c __attribute__((weak))= 0;
// CHECK: @c = weak global i32 0
// Since this is marked const, it should get weak_odr linkage, since all
// definitions have to be the same.
// CHECK: @d = weak_odr constant i32 0
const int d __attribute__((weak))= 0;
// NOTE: tentative definitions are processed at the end of the translation unit.
// This shouldn't be emitted as common because it has an explicit section.
// rdar://7119244
int b __attribute__((section("foo")));
// CHECK: @b = global i32 0, section "foo"