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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -emit-llvm %s -o %t
// Note: define CLANG_GENERATE_KNOWN_GOOD and compile to generate code
// that makes all of the defaulted arguments explicit. The resulting
// byte code should be identical to the compilation without
# define DEFARG(...) __VA_ARGS__
# define DEFARG(...)
extern int x;
struct S { float x; float y; } s;
double _Complex c;
void f(int i = 0, int j = 1, int k = x, struct S t = s, double _Complex d = c);
void g() {
f(0, 1, x, s DEFARG(, c));
f(0, 1, x DEFARG(, s, c));
f(0, 1 DEFARG(, x, s, c));
f(0 DEFARG(, 1, x, s, c));
f(DEFARG(0, 1, x, s, c));