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//===----- CGObjCRuntime.h - Interface to ObjC Runtimes ---------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This provides an abstract class for Objective-C code generation. Concrete
// subclasses of this implement code generation for specific Objective-C
// runtime libraries.
#include "clang/Basic/IdentifierTable.h" // Selector
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h"
#include "clang/AST/DeclObjC.h"
#include <string>
#include "CGBuilder.h"
#include "CGCall.h"
#include "CGValue.h"
namespace llvm {
class Constant;
class Function;
class Module;
class StructLayout;
class StructType;
class Type;
class Value;
namespace clang {
namespace CodeGen {
class CodeGenFunction;
class FieldDecl;
class ObjCAtTryStmt;
class ObjCAtThrowStmt;
class ObjCAtSynchronizedStmt;
class ObjCContainerDecl;
class ObjCCategoryImplDecl;
class ObjCImplementationDecl;
class ObjCInterfaceDecl;
class ObjCMessageExpr;
class ObjCMethodDecl;
class ObjCProtocolDecl;
class Selector;
class ObjCIvarDecl;
class ObjCStringLiteral;
namespace CodeGen {
class CodeGenModule;
// FIXME: Several methods should be pure virtual but aren't to avoid the
// partially-implemented subclass breaking.
/// Implements runtime-specific code generation functions.
class CGObjCRuntime {
// Utility functions for unified ivar access. These need to
// eventually be folded into other places (the structure layout
// code).
/// Compute an offset to the given ivar, suitable for passing to
/// EmitValueForIvarAtOffset. Note that the correct handling of
/// bit-fields is carefully coordinated by these two, use caution!
/// The latter overload is suitable for computing the offset of a
/// sythesized ivar.
uint64_t ComputeIvarBaseOffset(CodeGen::CodeGenModule &CGM,
const ObjCInterfaceDecl *OID,
const ObjCIvarDecl *Ivar);
uint64_t ComputeIvarBaseOffset(CodeGen::CodeGenModule &CGM,
const ObjCImplementationDecl *OID,
const ObjCIvarDecl *Ivar);
LValue EmitValueForIvarAtOffset(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
const ObjCInterfaceDecl *OID,
llvm::Value *BaseValue,
const ObjCIvarDecl *Ivar,
unsigned CVRQualifiers,
llvm::Value *Offset);
virtual ~CGObjCRuntime();
/// Generate the function required to register all Objective-C components in
/// this compilation unit with the runtime library.
virtual llvm::Function *ModuleInitFunction() = 0;
/// Get a selector for the specified name and type values. The
/// return value should have the LLVM type for pointer-to
/// ASTContext::getObjCSelType().
virtual llvm::Value *GetSelector(CGBuilderTy &Builder,
Selector Sel) = 0;
/// Get a typed selector.
virtual llvm::Value *GetSelector(CGBuilderTy &Builder,
const ObjCMethodDecl *Method) = 0;
/// Generate a constant string object.
virtual llvm::Constant *GenerateConstantString(const StringLiteral *) = 0;
/// Generate a category. A category contains a list of methods (and
/// accompanying metadata) and a list of protocols.
virtual void GenerateCategory(const ObjCCategoryImplDecl *OCD) = 0;
/// Generate a class stucture for this class.
virtual void GenerateClass(const ObjCImplementationDecl *OID) = 0;
/// Generate an Objective-C message send operation.
/// \param Method - The method being called, this may be null if synthesizing
/// a property setter or getter.
virtual CodeGen::RValue
GenerateMessageSend(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
QualType ResultType,
Selector Sel,
llvm::Value *Receiver,
bool IsClassMessage,
const CallArgList &CallArgs,
const ObjCMethodDecl *Method = 0) = 0;
/// Generate an Objective-C message send operation to the super
/// class initiated in a method for Class and with the given Self
/// object.
/// \param Method - The method being called, this may be null if synthesizing
/// a property setter or getter.
virtual CodeGen::RValue
GenerateMessageSendSuper(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
QualType ResultType,
Selector Sel,
const ObjCInterfaceDecl *Class,
bool isCategoryImpl,
llvm::Value *Self,
bool IsClassMessage,
const CallArgList &CallArgs,
const ObjCMethodDecl *Method = 0) = 0;
/// Emit the code to return the named protocol as an object, as in a
/// @protocol expression.
virtual llvm::Value *GenerateProtocolRef(CGBuilderTy &Builder,
const ObjCProtocolDecl *OPD) = 0;
/// Generate the named protocol. Protocols contain method metadata but no
/// implementations.
virtual void GenerateProtocol(const ObjCProtocolDecl *OPD) = 0;
/// Generate a function preamble for a method with the specified
/// types.
// FIXME: Current this just generates the Function definition, but really this
// should also be generating the loads of the parameters, as the runtime
// should have full control over how parameters are passed.
virtual llvm::Function *GenerateMethod(const ObjCMethodDecl *OMD,
const ObjCContainerDecl *CD) = 0;
/// Return the runtime function for getting properties.
virtual llvm::Constant *GetPropertyGetFunction() = 0;
/// Return the runtime function for setting properties.
virtual llvm::Constant *GetPropertySetFunction() = 0;
/// GetClass - Return a reference to the class for the given
/// interface decl.
virtual llvm::Value *GetClass(CGBuilderTy &Builder,
const ObjCInterfaceDecl *OID) = 0;
/// EnumerationMutationFunction - Return the function that's called by the
/// compiler when a mutation is detected during foreach iteration.
virtual llvm::Constant *EnumerationMutationFunction() = 0;
virtual void EmitTryOrSynchronizedStmt(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
const Stmt &S) = 0;
virtual void EmitThrowStmt(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
const ObjCAtThrowStmt &S) = 0;
virtual llvm::Value *EmitObjCWeakRead(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
llvm::Value *AddrWeakObj) = 0;
virtual void EmitObjCWeakAssign(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
llvm::Value *src, llvm::Value *dest) = 0;
virtual void EmitObjCGlobalAssign(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
llvm::Value *src, llvm::Value *dest) = 0;
virtual void EmitObjCIvarAssign(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
llvm::Value *src, llvm::Value *dest,
llvm::Value *ivarOffset) = 0;
virtual void EmitObjCStrongCastAssign(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
llvm::Value *src, llvm::Value *dest) = 0;
virtual LValue EmitObjCValueForIvar(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
QualType ObjectTy,
llvm::Value *BaseValue,
const ObjCIvarDecl *Ivar,
unsigned CVRQualifiers) = 0;
virtual llvm::Value *EmitIvarOffset(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
const ObjCInterfaceDecl *Interface,
const ObjCIvarDecl *Ivar) = 0;
virtual void EmitGCMemmoveCollectable(CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF,
llvm::Value *DestPtr,
llvm::Value *SrcPtr,
QualType Ty) = 0;
/// Creates an instance of an Objective-C runtime class.
//TODO: This should include some way of selecting which runtime to target.
CGObjCRuntime *CreateGNUObjCRuntime(CodeGenModule &CGM);
CGObjCRuntime *CreateMacObjCRuntime(CodeGenModule &CGM);
CGObjCRuntime *CreateMacNonFragileABIObjCRuntime(CodeGenModule &CGM);