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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -std=c++11 -verify %s -triple=x86_64-linux-gnu
using size_t = decltype(sizeof(int));
namespace std {
struct string {};
template<typename T, typename U> struct same_type;
template<typename T> struct same_type<T, T> {};
namespace std_example {
long double operator "" _w(long double);
std::string operator "" _w(const char16_t*, size_t);
unsigned operator "" _w(const char*);
int main() {
auto v1 = 1.2_w; // calls operator""_w(1.2L)
auto v2 = u"one"_w; // calls operator""_w(u"one", 3)
auto v3 = 12_w; // calls operator""_w("12")
"two"_w; // expected-error {{no matching literal operator for call to 'operator""_w' with arguments of types 'const char *' and 'unsigned long'}}
same_type<decltype(v1), long double> test1;
same_type<decltype(v2), std::string> test2;
same_type<decltype(v3), unsigned> test3;