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// RUN: %clang_analyze_cc1 -triple x86_64-apple-darwin10 -analyzer-checker=osx.SecKeychainAPI -analyzer-store=region -analyzer-output=text -verify %s
// This file is for testing enhanced diagnostics produced by the default SecKeychainAPI checker.
typedef unsigned int OSStatus;
typedef unsigned int SecKeychainAttributeList;
typedef unsigned int SecKeychainItemRef;
typedef unsigned int SecItemClass;
typedef unsigned int UInt32;
enum {
noErr = 0,
GenericError = 1
OSStatus SecKeychainItemCopyContent (
SecKeychainItemRef itemRef,
SecItemClass *itemClass,
SecKeychainAttributeList *attrList,
UInt32 *length,
void **outData
void DellocWithCFStringCreate4() {
unsigned int *ptr = 0;
OSStatus st = 0;
UInt32 length;
char *bytes;
char *x;
st = SecKeychainItemCopyContent(2, ptr, ptr, &length, (void **)&bytes); // expected-note {{Data is allocated here}}
x = bytes;
if (st == noErr) // expected-note {{Assuming 'st' is equal to noErr}} // expected-note{{Taking true branch}}
x = bytes;;
length++; // expected-warning {{Allocated data is not released}} // expected-note{{Allocated data is not released}}