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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
enum copy_traits { movable = 1 };
template <int>
struct optional_ctor_base {};
template <typename T>
struct ctor_copy_traits {
// this would produce a c++98-compat warning, which would erroneously get the
// no-matching-function-call error's notes attached to it (or suppress those
// notes if this diagnostic was suppressed, as it is in this case)
static constexpr int traits = copy_traits::movable;
template <typename T>
struct optional : optional_ctor_base<ctor_copy_traits<T>::traits> {
template <typename U>
constexpr optional(U&& v);
struct A {};
struct XA {
XA(const A&);
struct B {};
struct XB {
XB(const B&);
XB(const optional<B>&);
struct YB : XB {
using XB::XB;
void InsertRow(const XA&, const YB&); // expected-note {{candidate function not viable: no known conversion from 'int' to 'const XA' for 1st argument}}
void ReproducesBugSimply() {
InsertRow(3, B{}); // expected-error {{no matching function for call to 'InsertRow'}}