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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -std=c++11 -verify %s
template<typename T=int> struct S {};
template<typename> void f();
template<typename T, typename... V> struct S<T(V...)> {};
template<typename ...T> struct V {};
template<typename ...T> struct V<void(T)...> {};
void foo(void) {
// In C++11 mode, all of these are expected to parse correctly, and the CUDA
// language should not interfere with that.
// expected-no-diagnostics
S<S<S<int>>> s3;
S<S<S<>>> s30;
S<S<S<S<int>>>> s4;
S<S<S<S<>>>> s40;
S<S<S<S<S<int>>>>> s5;
S<S<S<S<S<>>>>> s50;
S<S<S<void()>>> s6;
template<typename ...T>
void bar(T... args) {
S<S<V<void(T)...>>> s7;