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/* Used with the test */
// image1d_t
typedef image1d_t img1d_t;
// image1d_array_t
typedef image1d_array_t img1darr_t;
// image1d_buffer_t
typedef image1d_buffer_t img1dbuff_t;
// image2d_t
typedef image2d_t img2d_t;
// image2d_array_t
typedef image2d_array_t img2darr_t;
// image3d_t
typedef image3d_t img3d_t;
// sampler_t
typedef sampler_t smp_t;
// event_t
typedef event_t evt_t;
#if __OPENCL_VERSION__ >= 200
// clk_event_t
typedef clk_event_t clkevt_t;
// queue_t
typedef queue_t q_t;
// reserve_id_t
typedef reserve_id_t reserveid_t;
// image2d_depth_t
typedef image2d_depth_t img2ddep_t;
// image2d_array_depth_t
typedef image2d_array_depth_t img2darr_dep_t;
#pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_khr_gl_msaa_sharing : enable
// image2d_msaa_t
typedef image2d_msaa_t img2dmsaa_t;
// image2d_array_msaa_t
typedef image2d_array_msaa_t img2darrmsaa_t;
// image2d_msaa_depth_t
typedef image2d_msaa_depth_t img2dmsaadep_t;
// image2d_array_msaa_depth_t
typedef image2d_array_msaa_depth_t img2darrmsaadep_t;
// pipe specifier
typedef struct _person {
int id;
const char *name;
} Person;
void int_pipe_function(pipe int);
void person_pipe_function(pipe Person);