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//===--- Function.h - Bytecode function for the VM --------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// Defines the Function class which holds all bytecode function-specific data.
// The scope class which describes local variables is also defined here.
#include "Pointer.h"
#include "Source.h"
#include "clang/AST/Decl.h"
#include "llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h"
namespace clang {
namespace interp {
class Program;
class ByteCodeEmitter;
enum PrimType : uint32_t;
/// Describes a scope block.
/// The block gathers all the descriptors of the locals defined in this block.
class Scope {
/// Information about a local's storage.
struct Local {
/// Offset of the local in frame.
unsigned Offset;
/// Descriptor of the local.
Descriptor *Desc;
using LocalVectorTy = llvm::SmallVector<Local, 8>;
Scope(LocalVectorTy &&Descriptors) : Descriptors(std::move(Descriptors)) {}
llvm::iterator_range<LocalVectorTy::iterator> locals() {
return llvm::make_range(Descriptors.begin(), Descriptors.end());
/// Object descriptors in this block.
LocalVectorTy Descriptors;
/// Bytecode function.
/// Contains links to the bytecode of the function, as well as metadata
/// describing all arguments and stack-local variables.
class Function {
using ParamDescriptor = std::pair<PrimType, Descriptor *>;
/// Returns the size of the function's local stack.
unsigned getFrameSize() const { return FrameSize; }
/// Returns the size of the argument stackx
unsigned getArgSize() const { return ArgSize; }
/// Returns a pointer to the start of the code.
CodePtr getCodeBegin() const;
/// Returns a pointer to the end of the code.
CodePtr getCodeEnd() const;
/// Returns the original FunctionDecl.
const FunctionDecl *getDecl() const { return F; }
/// Returns the lcoation.
SourceLocation getLoc() const { return Loc; }
/// Returns a parameter descriptor.
ParamDescriptor getParamDescriptor(unsigned Offset) const;
/// Checks if the first argument is a RVO pointer.
bool hasRVO() const { return ParamTypes.size() != Params.size(); }
/// Range over the scope blocks.
llvm::iterator_range<llvm::SmallVector<Scope, 2>::iterator> scopes() {
return llvm::make_range(Scopes.begin(), Scopes.end());
/// Range over argument types.
using arg_reverse_iterator = SmallVectorImpl<PrimType>::reverse_iterator;
llvm::iterator_range<arg_reverse_iterator> args_reverse() {
return llvm::make_range(ParamTypes.rbegin(), ParamTypes.rend());
/// Returns a specific scope.
Scope &getScope(unsigned Idx) { return Scopes[Idx]; }
/// Returns the source information at a given PC.
SourceInfo getSource(CodePtr PC) const;
/// Checks if the function is valid to call in constexpr.
bool isConstexpr() const { return IsValid; }
/// Checks if the function is virtual.
bool isVirtual() const;
/// Checks if the function is a constructor.
bool isConstructor() const { return isa<CXXConstructorDecl>(F); }
/// Construct a function representing an actual function.
Function(Program &P, const FunctionDecl *F, unsigned ArgSize,
llvm::SmallVector<PrimType, 8> &&ParamTypes,
llvm::DenseMap<unsigned, ParamDescriptor> &&Params);
/// Sets the code of a function.
void setCode(unsigned NewFrameSize, std::vector<char> &&NewCode, SourceMap &&NewSrcMap,
llvm::SmallVector<Scope, 2> &&NewScopes) {
FrameSize = NewFrameSize;
Code = std::move(NewCode);
SrcMap = std::move(NewSrcMap);
Scopes = std::move(NewScopes);
IsValid = true;
friend class Program;
friend class ByteCodeEmitter;
/// Program reference.
Program &P;
/// Location of the executed code.
SourceLocation Loc;
/// Declaration this function was compiled from.
const FunctionDecl *F;
/// Local area size: storage + metadata.
unsigned FrameSize;
/// Size of the argument stack.
unsigned ArgSize;
/// Program code.
std::vector<char> Code;
/// Opcode-to-expression mapping.
SourceMap SrcMap;
/// List of block descriptors.
llvm::SmallVector<Scope, 2> Scopes;
/// List of argument types.
llvm::SmallVector<PrimType, 8> ParamTypes;
/// Map from byte offset to parameter descriptor.
llvm::DenseMap<unsigned, ParamDescriptor> Params;
/// Flag to indicate if the function is valid.
bool IsValid = false;
/// Dumps the disassembled bytecode to \c llvm::errs().
void dump() const;
void dump(llvm::raw_ostream &OS) const;
} // namespace interp
} // namespace clang