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// RUN: %clang_cc1 %s -ast-print -fms-extensions | FileCheck %s
// CHECK: int x __attribute__((aligned(4)));
int x __attribute__((aligned(4)));
// FIXME: Print this at a valid location for a __declspec attr.
// CHECK: int y __declspec(align(4));
__declspec(align(4)) int y;
// CHECK: void foo() __attribute__((const));
void foo() __attribute__((const));
// CHECK: void bar() __attribute__((__const));
void bar() __attribute__((__const));
// FIXME: Print this with correct format and order.
// CHECK: void foo1() __attribute__((pure)) __attribute__((noinline));
void foo1() __attribute__((noinline, pure));
// CHECK: typedef int Small1 __attribute__((mode(byte)));
typedef int Small1 __attribute__((mode(byte)));
// CHECK: int small __attribute__((mode(byte)));
int small __attribute__((mode(byte)));
// CHECK: int v __attribute__((visibility("hidden")));
int v __attribute__((visibility("hidden")));
// CHECK: char *PR24565() __attribute__((malloc))
char *PR24565() __attribute__((__malloc__));
// CHECK: class __attribute__((consumable("unknown"))) AttrTester1
class __attribute__((consumable(unknown))) AttrTester1 {
// CHECK: void callableWhen() __attribute__((callable_when("unconsumed", "consumed")));
void callableWhen() __attribute__((callable_when("unconsumed", "consumed")));