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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -verify %s
// REQUIRES: thread_support
// FIXME: Detection of, or recovery from, stack exhaustion does not work on
// NetBSD at the moment. Since this is a best-effort mitigation for exceeding
// implementation limits, just disable the test.
// UNSUPPORTED: system-netbsd
// expected-warning@* 0-1{{stack nearly exhausted}}
// expected-note@* 0+{{}}
template<int N> struct X : X<N-1> {};
template<> struct X<0> {};
X<1000> x;
template<typename ...T> struct tuple {};
template<typename ...T> auto f(tuple<T...> t) -> decltype(f(tuple<T...>(t))) {} // expected-error {{exceeded maximum depth}}
void g() { f(tuple<int, int>()); }
int f(X<0>);
template<int N> auto f(X<N>) -> f(X<N-1>());
int k = f(X<1000>());