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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -std=c++11 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
// FIXME: More bullets to go!
template<typename T, typename U>
struct has_nondeduced_pack_test {
static const bool value = false;
template<typename R, typename FirstType, typename ...Types>
struct has_nondeduced_pack_test<R(FirstType, Types..., int),
R(FirstType, Types...)> {
static const bool value = true;
// - A function parameter pack that does not occur at the end of the
// parameter-declaration-clause.
// We interpret []p1's
// "When a function parameter pack appears in a non-deduced context
// (, the type of that pack is never deduced."
// as applying in all deduction contexts, not just [],
// so we do *not* deduce Types from the second argument here. (More
// precisely, we deduce it as <> when processing the first argument,
// and then fail because 'int' doesn't match 'double, int'.)
int check_nondeduced_pack_test0[
has_nondeduced_pack_test<int(float, double, int),
int(float, double)>::value? -1 : 1];
template<typename ...T> void has_non_trailing_pack(T ..., int);
void (*ptr_has_non_trailing_pack)(char, int) = has_non_trailing_pack<char>;
template<typename ...T, typename U> void has_non_trailing_pack_and_more(T ..., U); // expected-note {{failed}}
void (*ptr_has_non_trailing_pack_and_more_1)(float, double, int) = &has_non_trailing_pack_and_more<float, double>;
void (*ptr_has_non_trailing_pack_and_more_2)(float, double, int) = &has_non_trailing_pack_and_more<float>; // expected-error {{does not match}}