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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -std=c++11 -verify -fcxx-exceptions %s
[[noreturn]] void a() {
return; // expected-warning {{function 'a' declared 'noreturn' should not return}}
void a2 [[noreturn]] () {
return; // expected-warning {{function 'a2' declared 'noreturn' should not return}}
[[noreturn, noreturn]] void b() { throw 0; } // expected-error {{attribute 'noreturn' cannot appear multiple times in an attribute specifier}}
[[noreturn]] [[noreturn]] void b2() { throw 0; } // ok
[[noreturn()]] void c(); // expected-error {{attribute 'noreturn' cannot have an argument list}}
void d() [[noreturn]]; // expected-error {{'noreturn' attribute cannot be applied to types}}
int d2 [[noreturn]]; // expected-error {{'noreturn' attribute only applies to functions}}
[[noreturn]] int e() { b2(); } // ok
int f(); // expected-note {{declaration missing '[[noreturn]]' attribute is here}}
[[noreturn]] int f(); // expected-error {{function declared '[[noreturn]]' after its first declaration}}
int f();
[[noreturn]] int g();
int g() { while (true) b(); } // ok
[[noreturn]] int g();
[[gnu::noreturn]] int h();
template<typename T> void test_type(T) { T::error; } // expected-error {{has no members}}
template<> void test_type(int (*)()) {}
void check() {
// We do not consider [[noreturn]] to be part of the function's type.
// However, we do treat [[gnu::noreturn]] as being part of the type.
// This isn't quite GCC-compatible; it treats [[gnu::noreturn]] as
// being part of a function *pointer* type, but not being part of
// a function type.
test_type(h); // expected-note {{instantiation}}