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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
template<int N> void f0(int (&array)[N]);
// Simple function template specialization (using overloading)
template<> void f0(int (&array)[1]);
void test_f0() {
int iarr1[1];
// Function template specialization where there are no matches
template<> void f0(char (&array)[1]); // expected-error{{no function template matches}}
template<> void f0<2>(int (&array)[2]) { }
// Function template specialization that requires partial ordering
template<typename T, int N> void f1(T (&array)[N]); // expected-note{{matches}}
template<int N> void f1(int (&array)[N]); // expected-note{{matches}}
template<> void f1(float (&array)[1]);
template<> void f1(int (&array)[1]);
// Function template specialization that results in an ambiguity
template<typename T> void f1(T (&array)[17]); // expected-note{{matches}}
template<> void f1(int (&array)[17]); // expected-error{{ambiguous}}
// Resolving that ambiguity with explicitly-specified template arguments.
template<int N> void f2(double (&array)[N]);
template<typename T> void f2(T (&array)[42]);
template<> void f2<double>(double (&array)[42]);
template<> void f2<42>(double (&array)[42]);
void f2<25>(double (&array)[25]); // expected-error{{specialization}}
// PR5833
namespace PR5833 {
template <typename T> bool f0(T &t1);
template <> bool f0<float>(float &t1);
template <> bool PR5833::f0<float>(float &t1) {}