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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
// This test concerns the identity of dependent types within the
// canonical type system. This corresponds to C++ [temp.type], which
// specifies type equivalence within a template.
// FIXME: template template parameters
namespace N {
template<typename T>
struct X2 {
template<typename U>
struct apply {
typedef U* type;
namespace Nalias = N;
template<typename T>
struct X0 { };
using namespace N;
template<typename T, typename U>
struct X1 {
typedef T type;
typedef U U_type;
void f0(T); // expected-note{{previous}}
void f0(U);
void f0(type); // expected-error{{redeclar}}
void f1(T*); // expected-note{{previous}}
void f1(U*);
void f1(type*); // expected-error{{redeclar}}
void f2(X0<T>*); // expected-note{{previous}}
void f2(X0<U>*);
void f2(X0<type>*); // expected-error{{redeclar}}
void f3(X0<T>*); // expected-note{{previous}}
void f3(X0<U>*);
void f3(::X0<type>*); // expected-error{{redeclar}}
void f4(typename T::template apply<U>*); // expected-note{{previous}}
void f4(typename U::template apply<U>*);
void f4(typename type::template apply<T>*);
void f4(typename type::template apply<U_type>*); // expected-error{{redeclar}}
void f5(typename T::template apply<U>::type*); // expected-note{{previous}}
void f5(typename U::template apply<U>::type*);
void f5(typename U::template apply<T>::type*);
void f5(typename type::template apply<T>::type*);
void f5(typename type::template apply<U_type>::type*); // expected-error{{redeclar}}
void f6(typename N::X2<T>::template apply<U> *); // expected-note{{previous}}
void f6(typename N::X2<U>::template apply<U> *);
void f6(typename N::X2<U>::template apply<T> *);
void f6(typename ::N::X2<type>::template apply<U_type> *); // expected-error{{redeclar}}
void f7(typename N::X2<T>::template apply<U> *); // expected-note{{previous}}
void f7(typename N::X2<U>::template apply<U> *);
void f7(typename N::X2<U>::template apply<T> *);
void f7(typename X2<type>::template apply<U_type> *); // expected-error{{redeclar}}
void f8(typename N::X2<T>::template apply<U> *); // expected-note{{previous}}
void f8(typename N::X2<U>::template apply<U> *);
void f8(typename N::X2<U>::template apply<T> *);
void f8(typename ::Nalias::X2<type>::template apply<U_type> *); // expected-error{{redeclar}}