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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -emit-llvm-only %s
// Tests that Sema properly creates member-access expressions for
// these instead of bare FieldDecls.
struct Foo {
int myvalue;
// We have to override these to get something with an lvalue result.
int &operator++(int);
int &operator--(int);
struct Test0 {
Foo memfoo;
int memint;
int memarr[10];
Test0 *memptr;
struct MemClass { int a; } memstruct;
int &memfun();
void test() {
int *p;
p = &Test0::memfoo++;
p = &Test0::memfoo--;
p = &Test0::memarr[1];
p = &Test0::memptr->memint;
p = &Test0::memstruct.a;
p = &Test0::memfun();
void test0() {
Test0 mytest;