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//=== FixedAddressChecker.cpp - Fixed address usage checker ----*- C++ -*--===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This files defines FixedAddressChecker, a builtin checker that checks for
// assignment of a fixed address to a pointer.
// This check corresponds to CWE-587.
#include "clang/Checker/PathSensitive/CheckerVisitor.h"
#include "GRExprEngineInternalChecks.h"
using namespace clang;
namespace {
class FixedAddressChecker
: public CheckerVisitor<FixedAddressChecker> {
BuiltinBug *BT;
FixedAddressChecker() : BT(0) {}
static void *getTag();
void PreVisitBinaryOperator(CheckerContext &C, const BinaryOperator *B);
void *FixedAddressChecker::getTag() {
static int x;
return &x;
void FixedAddressChecker::PreVisitBinaryOperator(CheckerContext &C,
const BinaryOperator *B) {
// Using a fixed address is not portable because that address will probably
// not be valid in all environments or platforms.
if (B->getOpcode() != BinaryOperator::Assign)
QualType T = B->getType();
if (!T->isPointerType())
const GRState *state = C.getState();
SVal RV = state->getSVal(B->getRHS());
if (!RV.isConstant() || RV.isZeroConstant())
if (ExplodedNode *N = C.GenerateNode()) {
if (!BT)
BT = new BuiltinBug("Use fixed address",
"Using a fixed address is not portable because that "
"address will probably not be valid in all "
"environments or platforms.");
RangedBugReport *R = new RangedBugReport(*BT, BT->getDescription(), N);
void clang::RegisterFixedAddressChecker(GRExprEngine &Eng) {
Eng.registerCheck(new FixedAddressChecker());