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// This file tests -Rpass diagnostics together with #line
// directives. We cannot map #line directives back to
// a SourceLocation.
// RUN: %clang_cc1 %s -Rpass=inline -debug-info-kind=line-tables-only -dwarf-column-info -emit-llvm-only -verify -fno-experimental-new-pass-manager
// The new PM inliner is not added to the default pipeline at O0, so we add
// some optimizations to trigger it.
// RUN: %clang_cc1 %s -Rpass=inline -fexperimental-new-pass-manager -O1 -debug-info-kind=line-tables-only -dwarf-column-info -emit-llvm-only -verify
int foo(int x, int y) __attribute__((always_inline));
int foo(int x, int y) { return x + y; }
// expected-remark@+2 {{foo inlined into bar}} expected-note@+2 {{could not determine the original source location for /bad/path/to/original.c:1230:25}}
#line 1230 "/bad/path/to/original.c"
int bar(int j) { return foo(j, j - 2); }