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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -std=c++11 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
template<typename T> T &lvalue();
template<typename T> T &&xvalue();
template<typename T> T prvalue();
struct X0 {
int &f() &;
float &f() &&;
template<typename T> int &ft(T) &;
template<typename T> float &ft(T) &&;
typedef int &(*func_int_ref)();
typedef float &(*func_float_ref)();
operator func_int_ref() &;
operator func_float_ref() &&;
void g();
void c() const; // expected-note {{'c' declared here}}
void v() volatile; // expected-note {{'v' declared here}}
void r() __restrict__; // expected-note {{'r' declared here}}
void cr() const __restrict__; // expected-note {{'cr' declared here}}
void cv() const volatile;
void vr() volatile __restrict__; // expected-note {{'vr' declared here}}
void cvr() const volatile __restrict__;
void lvalue() &; // expected-note 2 {{'lvalue' declared here}}
void const_lvalue() const&;
void rvalue() &&; // expected-note {{'rvalue' declared here}}
int &operator+(const X0&) &;
float &operator+(const X0&) &&;
template<typename T> int &operator+(const T&) &;
template<typename T> float &operator+(const T&) &&;
int &h() const&;
float &h() &&;
int &h2() const&;
float &h2() const&&;
void X0::g() { // expected-note {{'g' declared here}}
int &ir1 = f();
int &ir2 = X0::f();
void test_ref_qualifier_binding() {
int &ir1 = lvalue<X0>().f();
float &fr1 = xvalue<X0>().f();
float &fr2 = prvalue<X0>().f();
int &ir2 = lvalue<X0>().ft(1);
float &fr3 = xvalue<X0>().ft(2);
float &fr4 = prvalue<X0>().ft(3);
void test_ref_qualifier_binding_with_surrogates() {
int &ir1 = lvalue<X0>()();
float &fr1 = xvalue<X0>()();
float &fr2 = prvalue<X0>()();
void test_ref_qualifier_binding_operators() {
int &ir1 = lvalue<X0>() + prvalue<X0>();
float &fr1 = xvalue<X0>() + prvalue<X0>();
float &fr2 = prvalue<X0>() + prvalue<X0>();
int &ir2 = lvalue<X0>() + 1;
float &fr3 = xvalue<X0>() + 2;
float &fr4 = prvalue<X0>() + 3;
void test_ref_qualifier_overloading() {
int &ir1 = lvalue<X0>().h();
float &fr1 = xvalue<X0>().h();
float &fr2 = prvalue<X0>().h();
int &ir2 = lvalue<X0>().h2();
float &fr3 = xvalue<X0>().h2();
float &fr4 = prvalue<X0>().h2();
void test_diagnostics(const volatile X0 &__restrict__ cvr) {
cvr.g(); // expected-error {{'this' argument to member function 'g' has type 'const volatile X0', but function is not marked const or volatile}}
cvr.c(); // expected-error {{not marked volatile}}
cvr.v(); // expected-error {{not marked const}}
cvr.r(); // expected-error {{not marked const or volatile}}; // expected-error {{not marked volatile}};
cvr.vr(); // expected-error {{not marked const}}
lvalue<X0>().rvalue(); // expected-error {{'this' argument to member function 'rvalue' is an lvalue, but function has rvalue ref-qualifier}}
xvalue<X0>().lvalue(); // expected-error {{'this' argument to member function 'lvalue' is an rvalue, but function has non-const lvalue ref-qualifier}}
prvalue<X0>().lvalue(); // expected-error {{'this' argument to member function 'lvalue' is an rvalue, but function has non-const lvalue ref-qualifier}}